What performance does my husband’s performance in sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is a unique clothing that brings infinite fun to people.After wearing a sexy underwear, it will not only double your confidence, but also mobilize your emotions with your partner, increase the fun and excitement of sexual life, and make your life more passionate.However, after many women wearing sexy underwear, they found that her husband was not cooperating. What should I do?This article will explain the different performances and response measures of my husband after wearing sexy underwear.

Slightly blank expression

Sexy underwear usually gives people a stunning and passion, but sometimes, when you walk to your husband, your husband’s expression may not have the excitement in your imagination, but a little dazed. What is this?Because not every man has a deep understanding of sexy underwear, they often don’t know how to deal with it.If this happens, you need to take the initiative to guide your husband.At this time, you can try to tell him in a gentle tone that sexy underwear is a more passionate and sexy underwear. It can mobilize various senses in life.Intimate relationship.

Sake less saliva

Putting on sex underwear, you will become beautiful and sexy, making your husband unable to control himself.But sometimes, you find that your husband does not have so much saliva, not very cooperative, and may be a little tired. This is because the changes in sex life are not enough to arouse his interest.For this situation, we can adopt different strategies.For example, after a few days or weeks, do not always wear the same sexy underwear. We can try to change to different sexy underwear styles to make her husband more curious and make him coming to Bangbang more interest.However, everyone’s taste is different. Knowing his taste is the most important.

Whisper deep breath

When you put on a sexy underwear and walk to your husband, your husband may show different reactions.And when you see your husband whispering deeply, big eyes, or watching you do not let go, then you successfully caught his attention.At this point, you can mobilize your emotions and actively show underwear for him to appreciate, so as to create a more romantic and sweet atmosphere.

Surprised expression

When you first came out of a messy underwear, the expression of surprise may be your first reaction.Because people in sexy underwear are obviously more sexy and enchanting than usual.And when your husband is also surprised, he might be thinking: "Is she really my wife?" When you encounter this situation, you must first let him understand that you are still the one he lovesHe has an absolute promise and favorability, and also tells him how to stretch his emotions under this atmosphere so that it has a better vent.

very excited

When you are wearing a sexy underwear to invite your husband to share huge joy, you may find that he is very excited.Sex underwear will inspire the enthusiasm of both sides and make daily life more pleasant.In this case, you have to let go of everything, enjoy this excitement and joy, encourage him in more gentle language, let him as expected, and let the two get closer to


Although sexy underwear is full of unlimited temptation and challenges, her husband may not be willing to accept it every time.When you put on a sexy underwear and find that your husband refuses, this may be because of various reasons.For example, his inner or physical dislocation or resistance may be because he is too tired to cooperate with you, or because he has too many things to deal with it.Regardless of the reason, we need to communicate directly with my husband, tolerate each other, understand the attitude of focusing on him, and increase the sense of identity in his heart.

Surface indifference

Sometimes, when wearing sexy underwear, you will find that your husband shows cold or refusal.At this time you may feel that he cares about you, but it is not.In many cases, the reason why her husband shows a cold look is because he has more attention by other things. This may be because his current mental pressure is too strong to reach his deepest feeling.For this situation, we can let him tell you his annoyance, provide him with support and help, and let him feel your love and concern.


Although sexy underwear is an emotional and seductive underwear, wearing it may not bring all factors.You may find that your husband’s face is indifferent, and you don’t cooperate with your center of gravity.At that time, you needed to let go of your own mentality, face it indifferently, and enjoy the changes in this inner feeling.You can also use some small and unique confidentiality skills, such as allowing him to do whatever he needed to do anything for a period of time, to increase his reliability and trust.

Positive enthusiasm

You like sexy underwear very much, and you are full of confidence to wear.When you put on a fun underwear, you will find that your husband is also very active, full of happiness and enthusiasm, especially in sexual life.This is an extremely pleasant situation. We should seize this opportunity and enjoy this joy and satisfaction.At the same time, we also have to tell him that this joy is very important. We must not only enjoy, but also cherish it.


In the process of wearing sex underwear, you may encounter some difficult situations and various challenges.But the real sexy underwear enthusiasts will be full of fun, sweetness and passion through communication, coordination, and advancement.

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