What kind of sexy underwear sexy and beautiful video

What kind of sexy underwear sexy and beautiful video

1. lace style

Lace is one of the most popular materials in sexy underwear.It can make the skin reveal a little, while still maintaining a certain mystery.The style of lace can be very rich, such as delicate lace, rough hook needles, etc. There is always one for you.

2. Underwear suit

The underwear jacket is composed of two pieces, which can make you look more fashionable and sexy.Many underwear jackets are equipped with lace or embroidery decoration, which can better display your figure.

3. Open format

Open -gear sex underwear is very popular because it can be more convenient in sex.This underwear usually has a opening between the private parts, and there are many different styles to choose from, such as open crotch gauze and open crotch underwear.

4. Bamboo fiber style

Bamboo fiber is a very comfortable material that is usually used to make sexy underwear.Bamboo fiber underwear needs to be touched lightly, which is very comfortable to feel.In addition, it is easy to clean.

5. Modal style

Modal is a very breathable and comfortable fabric, which is made of plant fibers.Modal fabric underwear is not only comfortable, but also has excellent deodorant effects.This underwear is more suitable for long -term wear.

6. Scrub style

The matte material is combined with detailed hook needles to make the sexy underwear more textured.It is suitable for materials like silk or leather, and it even shows clean and neat sexy charm.

7. Short style

Short sexy underwear is very suitable for women who want to show beautiful legs.This underwear is usually very tight and can help shape the figure.In addition, short underwear can be matched with other costumes to transform them into sexy outfits.

8. Shopping style

The shoulder strap -style sexy underwear is very suitable for women who don’t like strap underwear.Shoulder strap underwear can make your arms and shoulders look more slender, so they are also one of the popular styles.

9. Embroide

Embroidery is a very old craft, which is still widely used in sexy underwear.Many erotic underwear use knitted embroidery and hook needle embroidery. These handicrafts make the underwear look more gorgeous and delicate.

10. Velvet style

Velvet is a very soft material that makes sexy underwear softer and feminine.Velvet underwear usually uses high -grade materials, such as jewelry, hot seal stones and crystals to enhance the texture of underwear.

Conclusion: Whether you like lace sexy underwear, underwear suits, or open files, bamboo fiber or frosted styles, there is always one suitable for you.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can improve self -confidence and help you be more comfortable and natural in bed.

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