What kind of psychology of my husband to steal sex underwear

What kind of psychology of my husband to steal sex underwear

The increasingly rising industry of sex underwear is no longer a topic.In the marriage relationship, it is a very subtle problem to steal sex underwear.Why do they want to buy sexy lingerie secretly, what psychology is it?

1. Drive by curiosity

The curiosity of sexy underwear may be one of the main reasons for her husband to steal sex underwear.Many men will be curious about what women will look like after wearing sexy underwear, and expect more stimulation and satisfaction in bed.Therefore, they will secretly buy sexy underwear to satisfy their curiosity.

2. Insufficient self -confidence

Many men feel nervous and unsafe when they are in close contact with women.They may think that their bodies are not so beautiful and attractive, and they are worried that they will lose their interest in women in bed.In this case, buying sexy underwear can better show a beautiful figure and enhance your self -confidence.

3. Desire to change

For the sexual life between husband and wife, long -term repetition and lack of changes often lead to monotonous and boring.Therefore, one reason why husbands may buy sexy underwear are that they want to add some freshness and stimulus to improve the relationship between husband and wife.

4. Pursue stimulus

For some men, traditional sexual ways can no longer meet their needs.They want to try more creative and exciting activities such as sex, methods and toys.This is why some men buy sexy underwear because they believe it will bring them more stimulus and fun.

5. Improve visual enjoyment

Many men have a deep attraction of beauty underwear. They hope to see women wearing sexy naked underwear to increase the visual enjoyment of the sex process.In their opinion, women in sexy underwear will be more sexy and charming, which will help stimulate their sexual desire.

6. Seeking innovation

Other husbands pursue a sense of innovation.They will think that the underwear that traditional women will wear have lost enough attractiveness.Falling and innovative sexy underwear can meet their requirements.They believe that sexy underwear has a unique design and style, and is a new trend of increasingly popular.

7. Shy or unacceptable

For some men, buying sexy underwear may indicate that they cannot face sexual problems.These men are often very shy and conservative.They are unwilling to discuss these issues directly with women, so they choose to buy sexy underwear privately in private, which is a more comfortable and convenient way for them.

8. Lack of close interaction

Some husbands and wives lack close interaction between husband and wife’s sexual life, and there is a gap between them.In this case, buying sexy underwear may be an attempt to try to build a husband and wife interaction or get closer.


In general, it is not a bad thing for her husband to steal sex underwear.Interest underwear can add joy and stimulation between husband and wife, and also helps strengthen the close connection between husband and wife.However, the key is to ensure effective communication and understanding between husband and wife, rather than blindly adopting the idea of private action.

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