What kind of materials are generally used in sexy underwear

Sex underwear material analysis

Sexy underwear is a kind of sexy pajamas specially created for couples. It is often used in sex life and sex games. Its style is ever -changing and the materials are also diverse.So, what materials do these erotic underwear are mainly used?In this article, we will analyze the materials of sexy underwear.


Silk is a superior natural material. It has the advantages of delicate feel, good breathability, and high gloss. Natural luster makes the silk -quality sexy underwear more noble and elegant.However, the price of silk sexy underwear is expensive, and it is not easy to clean and shrink. It requires high standards of care.


Lace is one of the materials commonly used in sexy underwear.It is light and breathable and beautiful, which can show the beautiful curve of women well.Lace’s sexy underwear is often used in European and American design. Usually, the three -dimensional undulating feeling and hollow design are one of its characteristics.


Acrylic is a high -brightness artificial material, which has the advantages of high transparency, rich color, anti -wrinkle anti -fading and other advantages.Its hardness and transparency make it a more common raw material for sexy underwear such as fake rhinestones and copper buckles.


Nylon is a fast-drying and strong artificial material, which is very suitable for making sexy underwear. This is because it can fit the body well, and at the same time, it is quite durable, especially in the corset, G-String, and other tight styles.Nylon materials are commonly used in sexy underwear.


Cotton is natural and comfortable, suitable for making sexy underwear that wears daily.It is soft and breathable, and slowly improves the problems that pay attention to when sewing.Cotton erotic lingerie styles are usually simple and casual, suitable for daily wear and home life.


Wool is a material with thick substance as the main body. It can warm up well, and it takes a long time. It is very practical for the interesting life in the cold month.


Leather sex lingerie is usually black, which is used to shape the image of sexy violence, which is extremely challenging and mutant.Women who wear leather sex underwear look very enchanting and are often used in fun fun such as SM or BDSM.

Chemical fiber

The fun underwear of chemical fiber has the characteristics of anti -wrinkle, washing and anti -ultraviolet rays.However, the contact with the human body can cause ion friction, it is easy to stimulate allergic reactions, and it is easy to deform under the action of heat for a long time.

in conclusion

In summary, sexy underwear materials should choose appropriate materials based on the required functions, feel, appearance, and use occasions.Of course, we must emphasize that different people have different levels of adaptability to materials. Under the premise of ensuring normal wearing, choose the sexy lingerie materials that are most suitable for them.

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