What is the rope tied to sexy lingerie

What is the tie rope of sex underwear?

Interesting underwear tie rope, also known as restraint rope or restraint belt, is a small tool designed to fix the user’s body.They can be a leather or silk belt system, which can be tied in different positions.

What is the function of tie rope?

The tie rope can be used in various situations and purposes.It can provide stimuli and fun in sex games.Using the tie rope and sexy underwear can make the body feel different constraints, so as to obtain more sexual stimuli.

What situations can tie rope be used?

The tie rope can be used in sex games as a way of sexual stimulation or a way to adjust sex underwear.Moreover, it can be used in SM games to strengthen abuse and control ingredients.

How to choose a tie rope that suits you?

The key to choosing a rope is the material and size.Leather products are more durable, but may be more expensive, and special care methods are needed.Silk belt products are lighter and easier to clean.But because they are not strong enough, they need to be used more carefully.

How to wear and use tie rope correctly?

Putting and using tie rope correctly is the key to ensuring safety.First of all, to determine the position of the tie rope and ensure that it is not entangled or grasped the important part of the body.Secondly, to ensure that the tightness of the tie rope is appropriate, you can feel comfortable but not holding it.

What do you need to pay attention to when using tie rope?

When using the tie rope, follow some basic principles.First of all, do not force your body to do things beyond your ability during restraint, and maintain safety and comfort.Secondly, make sure that the tie rope will not expose the body in any dangerous environment, such as sharp edges or debris on the ground.Finally, when using the tie rope for SM games, avoid excessive overweight or squeezing the body, you can slowly increase the stimulus according to the situation and preferences of the two parties.

How to clean and storage tie rope and sexy underwear?

Cleaning and storing tie rope and sexy underwear should also pay special attention.Use soapy water or professional cleaning liquid to clean sexy underwear to avoid mixing with other clothes.Put the tie rope in a dry and ventilated place. Do not get them into a ball to avoid rope twisting or deformation.

Will the tie rope cause damage to the body?

Pay attention to safety when using tie rope, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the body.If it is not used properly, the tie rope may be strangled to the arm or leg, or it will cause dyspnea or loss of consciousness.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the correct use of binding and sexy underwear when using tie rope.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Not everyone is suitable for sex games with tie rope.Especially those with physical diseases, pregnancy, or psychological disorders should avoid using sexy underwear and tie rope.


The tie rope can bring extra fun to sexy underwear, adding a stimulus to sex life.However, pay attention to safety and correct use methods, especially when performing SM games. Pay attention to the protection of the body.When choosing sexy underwear and tie rope, considering safety and comfort is crucial.Of course, not everyone is suitable for using tie rope and sexy underwear, and make a wise choice according to the physical and psychological conditions of individuals.

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