What is the name of shooting sex underwear?


It sounds excited about shooting sexy underwear, but for most people, it seems to be a shy thing.This article will take you to understand the feelings and skills of shooting sexy underwear, so that you can also become a expert.

Choose a style that suits you

The first step in shooting sex underwear is to choose a style that suits you.Different people’s body and temperament are different. Choosing a style that suits them can better highlight their own personality and characteristics.

Choose comfortable materials

The texture and feel of erotic underwear are important factor affecting the details.Comfortable materials allow you to naturally show a more confident and sexy temperament, thereby taking more perfect clothing photos.

Master the basic camera skills

Taking sex underwear needs to master some basic camera skills.For example, you need to choose the appropriate shooting angle, use light reasonably, master the correct expression and physical posture, and so on.

Try different shooting environment

In addition to mastering basic camera skills, you can also try different shooting environments.For example: on the balcony with sufficient light, in a modern living room, in a retro bedroom, etc., to obtain more sexy underwear photos of different styles.

Match suitable accessories

Appropriate accessories can increase the beauty of sexy underwear photos.For example: shawl, gloves, high heels, etc., can make the photos more delicate.

Pay attention to color matching

The color and pattern of sexy underwear can make the photos more flavorful.Knowing how to express yourself with color can make the photos more characteristic and attractive.

Later treatment

For photos of sexy underwear, later treatment is also an essential part.For example, modifying skin color, adjustment of exposure and saturation, etc., can make the photos clearer, more textured, and more realistic.

boost self-confidence

Everyone can take photos full of confidence and charm.Although you may not be able to adapt at the beginning, as long as you try more to improve your confidence in yourself, I believe you can also become an expert in sexy underwear shooting.

Combine your own style

Finally, shooting sexy underwear, the most important thing is to combine your own style and temperament.What is suitable for you is the best, making yourself full of charm and showing unique personality.


The distinctive sexy underwear photos are inseparable from their knowledge, self -confidence in their own, and mastering the shooting skills.I hope this article can help you who are shooting sexy underwear, so that you can better master sexy underwear shooting skills.

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