What do men think of sexy sheets

What do men think of sexy sheets

Sex underwear is the choice of modern women, and it also attracted the attention of men.However, men’s vision is different from women’s vision.So, how do men think of sexy underwear?This article will explore this issue from the perspective of men.

1. Color

Color is the first element of men’s attention to sexy underwear.Men generally believe that black sexy underwear is the sexiest, and white and other light colors are also good.In addition, red sexy underwear is also one of the colors that men like, but if the color is too bright or too bright, it will look tacky.

2. Material

Material is an important part of sexy underwear.Men usually like to be soft, comfortable, sweat -absorbing materials, such as cotton, silk, etc., which can make men feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable for men’s too hard or too rough materials.

3. Style

The style is the soul of sexy underwear because it determines the appearance of the chest, waist and hips.For men, common sexy lingerie styles include bras, briefs, thongs and suspenders.Men believe that there must be a certain design of interest underwear, but too complicated styles will not only easily destroy the overall beauty, but also make women’s figures unswerving.

4. Transparency

Transparency is another element of men’s observing sex lingerie.Although a highly transparent sexy underwear can show the beautiful curve of women’s figure well, if it is too transparent, it will appear very cheap.Therefore, men believe that sexy underwear with moderate transparency is the sexiest.

5. Decoration

Decoration is the finishing touch of sexy underwear, which can make the entire sexy underwear more perfect.Men don’t like too tedious decorations, such as diamonds, beads, etc., their attention is more focused on whether there are lace lace, small details, and so on.

6. Compassion

Interest underwear must not only make women more sexy, but also ensure comfort.Commentary is also very important for men. They do not like to wear imbalanced and uncomfortable sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, comfort is also a factor that must be considered.

7. Brand

Men have a certain pursuit of brands, and they generally tend to buy sexy underwear of well -known brands.These brands of sexy underwear are guaranteed in quality, design, and materials, so men trust and favor this kind of sexy underwear.

8. firm

When women wear sexy underwear, her heart needs a kind of confidence and firmness.When men see this firm, they also like and appreciate the charm of sexy underwear.Therefore, if you want to show the beauty of sexy underwear, women also need to have a certain confidence.

In general, men look at the color, material, style, transparency, decoration, comfort, brand and women’s firmness.If women only pay attention to some of these elements, they will make the entire visual effects unbalanced, so it is necessary to consider it.

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