What brands are there in sex underwear abroad


Interest underwear is increasingly attracting the attention and love of the public. Whether it is to enhance self -charm or to add interest to the other half, sexy underwear plays an indispensable role.Although there are more and more domestic sexy underwear brands, in fact, there are many very famous sexy underwear brands abroad.

Victoria’s Secret

As one of the world’s most well -known underwear brands, Victoria’s secrets are also very good in sexy underwear.Its sexy and noble product style is loved by consumers, which is one of the reasons why Victoria’s Smanent has developed rapidly.

La Perla

La Perla comes from Italy, with rigorous and retro brand, known for its wonderful and soft classic style.Laberi has made each woman a self -confident and charming modern healthy woman, and is committed to creating a noble and elegant but sexy and sexy fashion love hall.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is one of the representatives of British sex lingerie brands, and its main sexy and sloppy style has attracted a large number of loyal fans.Its goods include not only women’s clothing, but also men’s clothing series and toy series. It is a relatively comprehensive erotic products brand.


As an emerging sex brand in the UK, Bluebella has great potential in the market.Its product design is simple and fashionable, full of innovation, and has great attraction.Bluebella’s main product is sexy and brave large vest and bedding.

Coco de MER

Coco de Mer is from the United Kingdom and was founded by Sam Roddick and sisters, and hopes to make sexy underwear culture a healthier expression.The brand focuses on sexy, fashionable and high -end markets, so the price is more expensive.

Marlies dekkers

The sexy lingerie brand Marlies Dekkers from the Netherlands is definitely a symbol of elegant taste and independence among women.Her design is full of changes and vitality, focusing on details and tailoring, while paying attention to maintaining women’s natural beauty and slender figure.


Aubade originated from France. Her underwear design is not just interest, but also pays attention to quality and comfort.The style is romantic and elegant, and the decorations such as silk, lace and sequins often appear in his design.

Fleur of English

It originated from Britain and is loved by Hollywood actresses. It is a very elegant sexy lingerie brand.Its design focuses on light and smooth and exquisite sewing. At the same time, it focuses on details and tailoring to create a stylish product style.


It derived from Italy. With its classic, simple design and close tailoring, it interprets the design concept of "underwear is a coat".Intimissimi is a popular consumer brand, and everyone can enjoy the comfort and beauty he brings.


Foreign sex lingerie brands have very rich product lines and different design styles, which can meet people’s various needs and preferences.Regardless of the brand and style, people need to pay attention to comfort, health and sexy when choosing sexy underwear, and choose their own underwear to show their true self -confidence and charm.

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