What are the brand of sexy underwear

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As the degree of openness of sexual culture is getting higher and higher, the demand for sex underwear in the market is getting higher and higher.Correspondingly, a variety of sexy underwear brands have emerged in the market.Let’s take a look at the brand in the sex underwear market.

Well -known brand: Wilderness Honey

Wilderness Honey is a brand focusing on innovation and exquisite design.Their clothing fabrics, accessories and details have been specially selected, making customers feel extremely comfortable.In addition, Wilderness Honey believes that when women wear sexy underwear, they should first consider their own feelings, not just to cater to male eyes.

Brand Innovation: Ballistic Kitten

Ballistic Kitten pays more attention to sexy and innovative.Their design is inspired by fashion and antique elements, and its accessories and fabrics are particularly selected.This brand has a strong visual impact, not only the functionality of the underwear, but also that customers will feel confident and unique.

Unique design: Bluebella

Bluebella brings customers with a hair design at the forefront of fashion.This brand focuses on detail, texture and unique tailoring, making women feel confident in wearing sexy underwear.Bluebella also believes that underwear is not just to give people desire or to meet the requirements of men, but also the perfect combination of innovative design and sexy.

Art experience: Myla

Myla is an artistic underwear brand full of artistic flavor.They focus on light and shadow, texture and streamlined design, and are good at using a variety of fabrics, textures and colors to create excellent visual effects.In Myla’s design, the semi -exposed female image is rendered into a positive energy, so that customers can feel that their bodies have aesthetics and are eagerly appreciated and respected.

Grassroots brand: ESPEN SALBERG

The unique Espen Salberg brand was created by a Norwegian designer.Its goal is to provide a freedom and unique choice for those who dare to express and values.Although this brand does not have a lot of advertising and marketing strategies, each underwear reflects the creator’s strong attitude and unique artistic experience.

Fashion and sexy underwear hybrid: Agent Provocateur

This brand’s sexy underwear always gives people a sense of luxury.They emphasize the design concepts of fashion and sexy underwear, combining fashion and sexy.Correspondingly, their costume prices are also high, but they are extremely loved by people.

Professional: Coco de Mer

The Coco de MER brand is a producer focusing on sexy underwear and powerful game adult toys.The brand’s underwear design concept is very unique and emphasizes artistic and structure.Their underwear is more refined, and it feels more special and comfortable to wear.

Full design: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur is another very popular brand.The concept of sexy underwear in this brand is very novel. It uses dramatic tailoring and unique color combinations to show the designer’s innovation.

Combined with cute and sexy: Etsy brand

ETSY is a well -known e -commerce platform, including a variety of handmade sexy underwear shops.These shops make customers feel unique, and their product styles, colors and patterns are particularly eye -catching.The sexy underwear in these shops is rich in, combined with cuteness and sexy characteristics.

Sexy and durable: Victoria’s Secret

This brand should be very familiar with everyone.Victoria’s Secret is committed to producing various sexy underwear.Their design pays great attention to details and can highlight the advantages of women well.Not only that, the sexy underwear of this brand is also very durable. It uses good fabrics and accessories, and it will not wear it for a long time.


Each brand has its own characteristics and distinctive personality.When choosing a sexy underwear brand, the first thing people pay attention to should be personal preferences and wear feelings, which is also one of the ways to show self -confidence and charm.

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