What are the beads sexy underwear?

What are the beads sexy underwear?

As a premeditated dress, sexy underwear has become an indispensable way to adjust in the lives of more and more couples or husbands and wives.The beads sexy underwear is well known to be one of the more popular. Today I will share with you what the characteristics and characteristics of the beads sex underwear.

1. The material of the beads sexy underwear

The material of the beads sexy underwear is generally made of soft and comfortable satin or silk, with beads, lace and other materials.The texture of these materials is very good, the feel is soft, the touch is delicate, and it is comfortable to wear.

2. Beads sexy underwear style

The style of beads is rich and diverse, including a variety of styles such as beads covering milk, beads T -shaped pants, etc. At the same time, it can also be customized according to personal preference to meet different needs and body types.

3. The color of the beads sex underwear

Beads are very particular about both color and matching.Generally speaking, the color of beads sexy underwear is also relatively bright. Black, red, purple, gold, etc. are often the main color of bead sex underwear, showing sexy, elegant, charm and other style.

4. Design of beads sexy underwear

The design of beads sexy underwear is also very chic. Different styles show different styles. For example, the beads also have fine silk fringe on the milk, which looks very gorgeous.The bead T -shaped pants are more concise, but the inlaid embellishment of the beads makes people look bright.

5. Beads sex underwear wear experience

The dressing feelings of beads are very good. The texture of the beads falling on the body is very comfortable, and there will be no other burden on the body.However, due to the weight of the beads, a bit of exercise will make a crisp sound, so you need to pay attention.

6. Applicable occasions of beads sexy underwear

Beads have a wide range of applications. Whether it is home or interesting dating, it can add interest and color.At the same time, for women who want to show their personality on some special occasions, this is a kind of dress that can improve self -confidence, which is very suitable.

7. The cleaning method of beads sex underwear

Beads are generally not suitable for machine washing and can be washed by hand.Because the beads and other materials on the underwear need to prevent collisions, you need to pay attention to lighting when cleaning, do not rub it hard, and avoid direct sunlight.After cleaning, use natural air drying.

8. Purchase of beads sex underwear

For interested women, you can choose a professional sexy underwear shop or online shopping mall to ensure diversified styles.In addition, some boutique beads sexy underwear can be bought at famous brand underwear shops or high -end social venues.


Regardless of the sense of design, quality, or cost -effective, beads sex underwear is a good product in sex underwear.Whether it is for yourself or girlfriend, you can show different tastes and styles.

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