The sexy underwear of the small breast is a wound sticker

Break the big breast to the top situation

Although sexy underwear is a private underwear, it does not mean that this underwear is exclusive to big breasts.Small breasts can also choose to be suitable for you.However, the reality makes women with small breasts feel ignored and wronged in the field of sexy underwear.Especially when we are searching for sexy underwear, almost all pictures and models are women with full breasts.This makes the underwear facing small breasts more limited.

Choose the right material

For small breasts, what we need to look for is the sexy underwear that should not be thinned with the effect of the chest.It is particularly important to choose the right material.For example, selecting fabrics are breathable and comfortable, suitable for soft skin’s sexy underwear.Under silk, cotton or satin underwear will make the chest gently and comfortable without flattening them.

Use a suitable mask tailoring

For small breasts, the tailoring of the mask is the key.If the mask is too large or too round, and the actual chest is not enough to fill the mask, it will lead to an awkward gap.On the contrary, if the mask is too small, it will make the chest that looks very mini looks smaller.Therefore, we need to find a suitable mask so that it can fully accommodate the chest without being too loose or too narrow.

Choose a style that can improve the chest

For small breasts, it is best to choose some styles that can improve the chest curve.For example, a squeezing sexy underwear can create a more sexy chest curve for you.In addition, some sequin details or mesh design can also create a unique atmosphere.

Choose the right color

If you want to show more sexy and attractiveness, try some bold colors.For small breasts, bright colors can effectively create a self -confidence and sexy image.

Small details

When you choose sexy underwear, don’t forget to cooperate with other underwear and wear to make the overall effect more perfect.For example, you can choose some sexy underwear with detail design, such as special embroidery and lace edges.These small details can make you more sexy and beautiful in bed.

Pay attention to the width of the waist and crotch

In addition to paying attention to the chest, the width of the waist and crotch also needs to be considered.A good choice will be very suitable for women with small breasts because it will balance the overall line of the body.So, what does it look like?A V -type collar sexy underwear will highlight your neckline and waist curve and look more slender.

Finally, choose according to your style

Finally, you should choose a sexy underwear style that suits you so that you can feel confident and sexy.The human body is unique, so finding a sexy underwear style that suits you should be the center point that allows you to circulate.You can try a variety of different styles, choose new things according to your own style, and complete a more confident and sexy you.


In the process of choosing sexy underwear, don’t ignore those small breasts.Although there are relatively few sexy lingerie styles and options in the market, as long as you find the style and color that suits you, you can still show your sexy and self -confidence.Remember to choose the appropriate mask tailoring, suitable materials, styles and colors, and styles that are suitable for your body, so that you can confidently show your charm in bed and enjoy a pleasant sex life.

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