Well -opened sexy underwear

Well -opened sexy underwear

Interest underwear is one of the popular sex toys in recent years.Among them, the opening and fun underwear is particularly loved by many women, because it not only allows women to fully show themselves in sex, but also have extremely high convenience.Today, let’s talk about the benefits of opening and sexy underwear.

1. Convenient to go to the toilet: one -click switch design

Compared to ordinary erotic underwear, the design of sexy underwear can make women more convenient to go to the toilet.Because it adopts a large area of open design, women can easily achieve one -click switch. It is very convenient to use. It does not need to take off the sex underwear at any time, which brings unprecedented convenience and fast.

2. Intimate contact: make your lover unforgettable

Open -gear sex underwear can increase interest in the process of sex, making the interaction between men and women closer.Because it requires two sides to cooperate with each other to achieve deeper contact.After many women wear sexy underwear, they will get more pleasure because they take the initiative in sex, so that the partner is easy to remember the lover.

3. Stimulate sensitive parts: make your body more sensitive

Women often need more stimuli to reach orgasm, and the opening sexy underwear can help women better stimulate sensitive parts, thereby making the body more sensitive.Because of its unique open design, women can relax in the process of physical contact, which is easier to reach orgasm.

4. Unique design: make you more attractive

Due to the unique design of the opening sexy underwear, women can maximize their sexy charm after wearing.Especially for those women who want to show their sexy side, opening and sexy underwear is a very good choice.

5. Meet the needs of different occasions: you can choose a variety of styles

The opening of the sexy underwear is very rich in style and can be selected according to different occasions and needs.Because of its unique design, women can wear them under various occasions, and not only can meet sexual needs, but also appear on the stage as sexy clothing.

6. Breakthrough: Let you get rid of traditional restraint

Traditional underwear systems are usually quite satisfactory and very conservative.And the opening of the files is a symbol of breaking this operation mode.Due to its unique design, women can get rid of restraint and welcome more free and bold innovations.

7. Comfortable texture: Let you feel the intimacy between the skin

The selection of the material of the sexy underwear is also very important. Usually, it will choose to use good quality fabrics, so that it has a good comfort.Due to its open design, women can feel more trust and intimacy in the process of physical contact.

8. It will not affect action: enjoy the pleasure without discarding

There are many women who are worried that the sexy underwear will affect the action, but in fact it will not.Because the design it adopts can make women more relaxed in sex, it will not affect the usual actions at all, and it also guarantees the convenience of use.

9. Cooperate with other toys: Make a variety of gameplay for your experience

Open sex underwear can not only be used as a separate sexual tool, but can even be used with other toys.For example, it can cooperate with sex toys such as sex vibers and jumping eggs, so as to make the sex experience more diverse.

10. Rich sex experience: improve the quality of life life

The use of sexy underwear can make women get more pleasure in sex, thereby making sexual experience richer.In addition, for many conservative women, the opening of sexy underwear is also the best way to explore the world, which improves the quality of sex life.


In short, as a kind of sexy underwear, the unique open design has an advantage in various aspects.It can not only help women get more pleasure in sex, but also allow women to show their sexy charm in normal times. It should be said to be a very practical sexual tool.

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