Wedding erotic underwear photo pictures appreciation

Wedding erotic underwear, making wedding photos more vivid

Wedding erotic underwear is a way of shooting loved by new people in wedding photography in recent years.It can add a lot to wedding photos.If you also want to take photos of wedding sexy underwear, then this article will provide you with some references.

White lace

White lace sexy underwear is one of the most popular styles, which can make women emit an elegant atmosphere.When it is matched with a white wedding dress, it will be more pure.When taking wedding photos, you can use lace plus a layer of gauze skirt to increase the puffiness of the wedding dress, so that the photos taken are more dreamy.

Black vest

Black vest short sexy underwear with heavy -duty perspective long skirts can appear full of personality.You can use some avant -garde elements during shooting, such as piano, city beauty, and even highways.This combination can show the individuality and independence of women.

Meat color tulle

The flesh -colored tulle sexy underwear can be paired with a dark louctic dress, which can show the elegant and charming temperament of women in a low -key manner.The combination of this wedding erotic underwear is suitable for shooting on the smoky marble ladder, which can show the romantic feelings of women.

Red lace

Red lace sexy underwear with dark wedding dresses is a very traditional way of matching.This combination can highlight the noble and mysterious women.When shooting, you can use some religious or luxurious elements to enhance the atmosphere of red wedding sexy underwear, such as churches and palaces.

White belly

The short design of the white bellyband has a short design of underwear, which has the effect of breathing the skin, and is the first choice for the hot summer.Matching with long white wedding dresses can show the feminine and flawless temperament.When shooting, you can choose natural scenery, such as beaches or grasslands, which can make the photos taken more natural.

Purple lace

The purple lace sexy underwear is very suitable for pairing of lilac wedding dresses, and it is a fresh and elegant style to match.When shooting, you can try to choose some elements of folk culture, such as tricycles and castles to enhance the atmosphere of purple wedding sexy underwear.

Nude lace

Nude -colored lace sexy underwear is a very charming matching method, which can be perfectly matched with lilac and pale yellow wedding dresses.When shooting, you can try to choose some elements such as the sea of flowers and fairy tales to enhance the aesthetic sense of the scene.

Rose red underwear

Rose red wedding sexy underwear is very suitable for matching skirts or puffy wedding dresses, which can show the cute side of women.When shooting, you can try to choose some furry animals, such as small sheep and rabbits to enhance the cute temperament.

Pale yellow vest

Light yellow vests fun underwear has fresh and refined characteristics, which can be perfectly matched with light blue wedding dresses, suitable for those girls who like natural wind.When shooting, you can choose some elements of water, such as ships, lakes, small bridges, etc. to enhance fresh feelings.


The wedding sexy underwear introduced above is only a few of them. Different women have different preferences and temperament. They should be matched according to their actual situation.When photography, we must pay attention to the choice of details and scenes, and use the techniques of light, shadow, angle, composition to highlight the characteristics of clothing and women’s temperament. Only in this way can we take exquisite wedding sexy lingerie photos.

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