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Wedding lingerie matching is getting more and more attention

Wedding is the dream of every woman. In the process of wedding preparation, in addition to choosing a perfect wedding dress, you also need to pay attention to the choice of underwear.The problem of wedding underwear matching is increasingly concerned, especially Chinese women’s wedding photo underwear matching, you need to consider the choice of underwear.

Choose underwear to be based on the style of the wedding dress

When choosing underwear, you need to consider the style of the wedding dress.If you choose a back -back wedding dress, the vest -style underwear is indispensable; if you choose a light -row wedding dress, you will be more suitable for underwear sets close to the skin tone;Font -type wedding dresses, effective gathering underwear will help you get better results.

Color choice of underwear

Color is an important part of underwear. When choosing colors, it is best to consider the factors of wedding dresses.The color of the traditional wedding dress is white, beige, or ivory color, so choosing the corresponding color underwear will be more harmonious.If you choose the color of non -traditional wedding dresses, such as pink or red, you can consider choosing the corresponding color underwear, but you should not choose too bright colors, otherwise the color conflict may occur.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable for wedding dresses

When choosing underwear, many women consider wearing appropriate sexy underwear to add fun of wedding photos.However, it is important to note that the suitable sexy underwear can add sexy, but it is not suitable for matching wedding dresses.If you want to wear a sexy underwear for shooting, you need to choose the appropriate style and color, and follow the principles of not affecting the wedding display.

The match between underwear and body

Choosing the right underwear needs to consider your body.This is also the same in wedding shooting.The right underwear can modify the figure and add confidence.For example, women with plump breasts can choose to support strong underwear, and if the chest shape is not ideal, you can choose to gather underwear. At the same time, women with sexy tightening of hips and belly can also choose strong underwear for matching.

details make a difference

Details are the key to success. The same is true of wedding underwear on this point.The texture of underwear and wedding dresses needs to be consistent to avoid deformation of the wedding dress, and it may also weaken the toughness of the wedding dress in severe cases.In addition, when the underwear is selected, the impact of running and stepping activities should also be considered. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the details of the clothing to ensure that the selected underwear has no wear.

Experience comfort is also important

In addition to considering the problem of matching and effect, the comfort of underwear is also a point that needs to be paid attention to.On the day of shooting, you may feel uncomfortable with the whole day, and you must choose a suitable and comfortable underwear.Otherwise, improper matching of underwear may not only affect the overall dress and effect, but also cause some physical discomfort to yourself.

The time to buy underwear needs to be planned early

When preparing underwear, planning time is a relatively important link.Because wedding photos need to be planned in advance, and usually, customized underwear takes considerable time.If you buy underwear at the last moment, you will not only waste the time and energy of choosing underwear, but also may not get the best underwear effect.

Price and quality are important

In addition to paying attention to the above problems, you also need to consider the problems of price and quality.Don’t just value the price of underwear, but ignore the quality of underwear.A high -quality underwear that can wear all day may be more cost -effective than a variety of average underwear.In addition, the wearing and maintenance of underwear are also worth noting, and the relevant issues should be identified according to the details of the underwear.

End: Wear beautiful underwear to make yourself beautiful and confident

In the shooting of wedding photos, underwear matching is a crucial step. Not only does it need to consider matching and effect issues, but also the problems such as comfort, price and quality.In the end, wearing beautiful underwear can make you more confident and beautiful, bringing yourself more beautiful wedding photos.

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