Wearing sexy underwear milk is big

Wearing sexy underwear milk is big

Interest underwear is a good helper to make women have sexy, self -confidence and joy, especially for women with full breasts, choosing a suitable sexy underwear is even more important.Today, we come to explore how to choose when wearing fun underwear, and which styles are suitable for women with large milk.

1. Choose the right material

Fun underwear material is very important. Good materials can not only create a comfortable dressing, but also increase the aesthetics.For women with large milk, it is best to choose a material with a certain support. For example, it is best to choose thick materials below the collarbone to increase the support, and to avoid too tight oppression.

Second, the right cup

The choice of cup size needs to be tailored according to the size of the bra.For women with large milk, the cup must be appropriate. Too small will cause chest spillover, and too large will affect sexy and beautiful.Therefore, it is recommended that women choose the appropriate size when buying sexy underwear, and it is best to have professionals to measure.

Three, style selection

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different situations and body characteristics.For women with large milk, it is recommended to choose the style of collecting auxiliary milk, as well as a sex bra with a certain pressure and promotion effect.In addition, you can also try some clever design sexy underwear, such as strap -type bra, which can perfectly wrap the chest to create a more sexy effect.

Fourth, star -style underwear

Fanxing underwear originated in Japan, and has become more and more popular in China in recent years.It is based on cross straps and T -shaped matching, and can be placed in different directions to lock the chest neckline and enhance the chest.Fanxing underwear is suitable for women with large milk. It can greatly highlight the chest curve and increase sexuality.

Five, hollow cup jelly

The hollow cup underwear is a bold sexy underwear, suitable for women with challenging spirit.It breaks the conventional design and uses a hollow cup design. The chest shows a front -back and back -to -rear effect. After wearing it, it can look particularly sexy.

Six, Shuiyun underwear

The color of water rhyme underwear is mainly blue, and some special pattern design, such as water droplets, make the appearance of the entire underwear look like a pool of water.For women with full chest, the design of Shuiyun underwear can show the chest curve more beautiful and make the wearer more moving.

Seven, the matching of stockings net socks

The matching of underwear is not limited to the bra, but also the matching of stockings and net socks is also a very good choice.Women with large milk can choose a pair of particularly translucent net socks or gentle short socks. They can match various erotic underwear to create an enchanting effect.

8. Appropriate way of wear

When wearing underwear, it is also important to wear.For women with large milk, you can try to adjust the shoulder strap backwards so that the shoulder strap becomes a field -shaped shape, which can increase the support of the shoulder strap.At the same time, you can also adjust the strap to the most loose position, which can reduce the squeezing feeling of the chest and reduce fatigue.


You need to pay attention to factors such as material, cup size, style selection and other factors. For women with large milk, you must choose the appropriate sexy underwear material and cup size.Interesting underwear, at the same time, you can try stars or other creative styles to show your confidence, sexy and charming temperament.

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