Wearing erotic underwear binding

Wearing erotic underwear binding

Sexy underwear is one of the essential supplies for modern couples to add intimate relationships.Among them, the bundle series is very popular because they can give people an extreme stimulus.However, inappropriate wear will affect intimacy.Next, let’s take a look at the binding skills in the process of wearing a sexy underwear.

1. Select the right size

When choosing a binding style of sexy underwear, you must choose the right size.Excessive or too small sizes are not very good for the body’s restraint, which may cause uncomfortable or safety hazards.It is recommended to choose elastic fabrics so that underwear can fit the body more.

2. Prepare before specific operations

Before the specific operation, you need to prepare all ropes or handcuffs, so that they can keep a available state in advance.If there is a comfortable cushion, you can also prepare it for easy use.

3. Determine the method and style of the wearable

There are many ways to bundle it. One of them is very popular is that wearing underwear to expose the body, show a sexy attitude, and at the same time sandwiched various restraint tools such as ropes and tapes to make the body softer.But this requires the corresponding design characteristics of underwear and bundles.

4. Establish a correct mentality

When choosing a binding style of sexy underwear and operation, we must establish the correct mentality, which is the key.Some people may feel that doing so will make themselves and their partners feel a little ashamed, which is unnecessary.We should establish an open and positive mentality to gain a better experience.

5. Precautions for using rope

Use the rope to first do not be too tight or loose. When using the bundle rope, you must grasp the length of the rope. At the same time, understand the binding parts, so that the arms, waist, and neck are tied when they are tied, and they are kept.Essence

6. Released binding method

In the process of binding, it is necessary to ensure that it can be quickly released in emergency situations.Generally speaking, emergency keys, scissors, or other easy -to -use tools can be used to avoid emergencies during bundling.

7. Follow safety and hygiene regulations

This is an important principle of using bundling style sexy underwear.All ropes and binding tools should be ensured through safety and hygiene certification to ensure safety and reliability used.In addition, bundle tools such as rope and handcuffs need to be completely cleaned and disinfected after use.

8. Enjoy the process

After finding a suitable binding style sexy underwear and mastering the binding skills, you can enjoy this process.You can try various postures and methods to create a more interesting intimate experience under security and controllable conditions.

9. Viewpoint

Binding -style sexy underwear can bring fresh and exciting intimate experiences to the couple, but during the use process, it is necessary to follow certain principles and safety and sanitary norms to ensure the reliability and security of use.The most important thing is that to establish an open and positive attitude and try with your partner, you will definitely gain unexpected results.

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