Wear sexy underwear in clothes

Wearing sex underwear is a very exciting way. Sometimes we feel that wearing sex underwear will lose its charm.But sometimes we choose to wear sexy underwear in clothes, so how should this matching method be achieved?Let’s take a look at it.

1. Choose suitable underwear styles

Wearing erotic underwear will have many different effects in clothes, so we need to choose a suitable underwear.For example, if you want a smooth outline, you can choose non -marked underwear, steel -free underwear or some styles without too many arcs.

2. Match with coat

After choosing underwear style, the next question is to match the coat.At this time, we need to consider the material and color of the coat, as well as the style and color of the underwear.Let them coordinate and let you wear sexy underwear too much.

3. Keep moderate

Many people will inevitably have an excessive tendency when wearing fun underwear.However, when we wear sexy underwear in clothes, we must not be too exaggerated or too exposed, otherwise it will look tacky and lack taste.Therefore, it is necessary to keep it moderately so that the underwear adds a sense of beauty.

4. Use accessories

If you want to wear fun underwear in your clothes, you can use some accessories to decorate it.For example, you can use lace decorations to match clothes, or choose loose shirts and thin scarves to form a layered sense in the sexy underwear.

5. Suitable occasions

Wearing erotic underwear also needs to consider the occasion in the clothes. You should avoid wearing sex underwear on formal or serious occasions, but wearing sexy underwear on some special occasions (such as nightclubs, banquets, etc.) will also make you more sexy and charming.Essence

6. Combining with the body’s condition

Some erotic underwear, such as the swimsuit of the neck, the tight underwear, lace and grid, etc., which may make some parts of the body unnatural.Therefore, when choosing underwear, you must not only pursue the characteristics of beauty and ignore your figure, but also need to consider the curve of your body part, but also take your own underwear as the degree.

7. Follow size issues

In the process of choosing sexy underwear, the size is a problem that must be focused on.Wearing a big sexy underwear will look bloated. If you wear a small, you will disrupt the overall match.Therefore, you must carefully measure your size when choosing.

8. Adjust the waistline

There are some good ways to wear sex underwear to help improve the body curve. For example, you can try to use waist seal to improve your curve and make the waistline more charming, showing a good figure.

9. Be sure to dress up

It is actually a challenge to wear sex underwear in clothes, and you need to have a certain courage and confidence.Don’t be nervous and troubled because of its existence, make full use of your charm and make yourself more confident and clear.

10. Summary view

Sexy underwear is actually a very good underwear choice. By wearing a sexy underwear in the clothes, you can add your sexy atmosphere. In the same way, we must choose the suitable underwear style and the coat according to our needs and preferences. Pay attention to ourselves.The figure is consistent with the size, and the factors such as the details of dress can be worn in order to wear good results.What is important is to self -confidence in wearing such a sexy underwear.

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