Wear sex underwear selfie dancing

Wear sex underwear selfie dancing

Interest underwear is a special underwear. In addition to conventional functions, it also emphasizes the effect of sexy and tempting.Therefore, some women like to dance or perform in sexy underwear at home to get some fun and stimulus.Here are some precautions and suggestions about wearing a self -timer dancing in sexy underwear.

1. Choose a sexy underwear style that suits you

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, including bikini, corset, jumpsuit and so on.Everyone has their own unique figure characteristics and preferences, so you need to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits them.If you have a sexy background music, choosing a sexy underwear that is commensurate will increase the effect of the entire performance.

2. Differential erotic underwear size

Size is another important factor that needs to be concerned when buying sexy underwear.Many times, people will buy too small or too large sexy underwear, which will destroy the effect of the entire performance.When choosing sexy underwear, make sure to buy the correct size to ensure that it can fit the body perfectly.

3. Choose the right dance music

When you wear a selfie and dancing in your favorite erotic underwear, background music is essential for the entire performance.Choosing a music that suits you can make you more confident and relaxed when performing performances, and also increase the appeal of performance.

4. Creatively designing dance action

In the design of dance movements, creativity and uniqueness are the key.It is important to spend time and energy to design your own dance movements and create some unique actions to show yourself.Please make sure that the action design is complete and smooth, and it matches the music.

5. Control the rhythm of performance

When taking a selfie and dancing, the control of rhythm is crucial.Too fast or too slow rhythm will destroy the overall effect of the performance, so you need to control the rhythm.Before starting, plan your performance appropriately and try to maintain a coherent and smooth rhythm during the entire performance.

6. Do a good job of clothing and scene layout

The layout of clothing and scenes determines the effect of the entire performance.Choose the right clothing and scene according to your dance and performance style.Keeping a clean and tidy background and simple layout will be more convenient for viewers to focus on performance.

7. Persist in confidence and relaxation

Self -confidence and relaxation are the two important criteria that need to be kept in mind when taking selfies.Keep your mentality relaxed and confident during the performance, which will be manifested during the performance.

8. Pay attention to protect privacy

Wearing a sexy underwear selfie dancing may be discovered by others, thereby bringing unnecessary trouble to yourself.Please pay attention to protect privacy, do not share your personal information or performance videos with people who are not licensed.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear selfie dance can be an interesting experience, and it can also make people feel confident and sexy.However, when doing this kind of thing, you must pay attention to protect your privacy and maintain a confidence and relaxation attitude.Only in this way can we show my best side during the performance.

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