Wear sex underwear in the kitchen number

Wear sex underwear in the kitchen number

Wearing a sexy underwear in the kitchen has become a fashion, which is a way that almost every woman likes.Wearing sexy sexy underwear to make women feel their charm and sexy, and at the same time, it can also increase the taste of husband and wife.This article will introduce several precautions wearing sexy underwear in the kitchen.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear can increase the sexy level of women.Selecting sexy, suitable cups, comfortable wearing, unique design of sexy underwear not only helps enhance the beauty of women, but also provides more desires for making interests.And when making a number, some sexy underwear can provide women with better chest and hip support, comfortable.

2. Choose the right place

Different places are suitable for different types of sexy underwear.To do the number in the kitchen, it is recommended to choose a bright and spacious kitchen; if there is a counter or a stove, you can choose these places as the main places to make it more convenient.To avoid being seen, please confirm that the door locks.

3. Pay attention to temperature and safety

When making a number in the kitchen, you need to pay attention to temperature and safety.First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is appropriate to prevent the quality of making interesting numbers due to excessive sweating or physical discomfort; secondly, ensure safety and avoid accidents, such as slipping and injury.

4. Clean up the kitchen

After cooking or eating, clean up the kitchen to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen, and take protection measures, such as drying all water stains, extinguishing all gas fire sources, etc. Otherwise, accidents may occur.

5. Choose the right time

For many husbands and wives, sex numbers are a way to relax.Choosing the right time can make this process more pleasant.In order to realize the maximum value of sexual life, it is best to choose the time period when no one is at home.This makes this process more comfortable, interesting, and everything is safe.

6. Find the right music

Music can play a good regulating role in fun.Finding some music suitable for making numbers can make the body more relaxed and comfortable, and at the same time make the whole process more romantic and exciting.

7. Choose the appropriate food

Some foods may affect the quality of making fun numbers, such as full food, excessive drinking, etc.In order to ensure the best state, please choose healthy food and an appropriate amount of alcoholic beverages.Light, digestible, and organic foods are also helpful for making fun numbers.

8. Interaction and respect

When doing a quotation between husband and wife, it is not just sex, but a kind of communication, but more importantly, respect for each other.In terms of interaction and respect, this is not only an important factor in making interesting numbers, but may even affect the quality of life and the trust of each other.It is easy to achieve the concept of classic mutual benefit and win -win.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear in the kitchen can increase the taste of husband and wife, and it is also a way for many women to love.However, before doing sex, we must pay attention to these precautions and abide by the principle of making interests in order to make the whole process more secure, comfortable and fascinating.

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