Wear sex underwear downstairs to play game novels

One of the night

Xiaomei is a girl with a strong interest in sexy underwear. She has collected various types of sexy underwear.One night, she decided to wear the most charming one to go downstairs to play games with her boyfriend.

The game has begun

They decided to play a nervous and exciting game, and they needed to enter the next level through various difficulties.The power of this game is that various tasks require them to cooperate with each other.

Interesting underwear magic

Xiaomei found that her underwear made her feel more confident, sexy and brave, and she began to become more active and bold.She and her boyfriend cooperated with tacit understanding and seamless connection to inspire each other in the game.They soon completed important tasks in the game and were ready to enter the next level.

Increasing difficulty

Next is a more difficult task, which requires Xiaomei and her boyfriend to work together to complete.However, as difficulties, they became more and more tense.

The advantages of sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear makes Xiaomei feel more confident and proud, she firmly believes that she can complete this task.Similarly, sexy underwear makes her boyfriend feel more excited and abandoned before, reducing his tension and pressure.They re -cooperated to work together.

The finale of the game

After hard work, they finally successfully completed all tasks, greeted the big boss in the game with a new self -confidence and courage, and finally got a great ending.After the game, Xiaomei and her boyfriend celebrated this victory. At the same time, she also thanked her sexy underwear to bring them the magic, so that they can successfully defeat all the challenges.


Wearing a sexy underwear can indeed bring people confidence and courage. These two key quality can help us win the victory in the game.Therefore, everyone can put on their favorite sexy underwear on appropriate occasions, which is also a way to show their charm.At the same time, the types of sexy underwear are becoming more and more diverse, causing the needs and hobbies of different people.

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