Wear sex underwear by online video

Wearing a sexy underwear is an exciting thing, especially when being online video, it is even more exciting.However, to wear a perfect effect, you need to learn not only to choose the style that suits you, but also some details.This article will introduce you to some tips about wearing sexy underwear.

First: Understand your figure

The most important thing in wearing a sexy underwear is to fit, so it is particularly important to understand your body characteristics.Different body characteristics are suitable for different underwear styles. For example, plump women are suitable for wearing some supportive underwear, while slim women are suitable for wearing lace -style underwear.At the same time, understanding your body can also allow you to choose the right -size underwear to avoid discomfort and flaws caused by excessive or too small.

Second: Select color and style

Color and style are also issues that need to be considered when choosing underwear.Generally speaking, the dark -colored underwear will be more mysterious and tempting, suitable for wearing at night or special occasions.The bright color can make you look more sexy and energetic.In addition, style is also an important consideration. For example, low -cut styles can show beautiful collarbone, and it will also make the chest look fuller.

Third: grasp the material of the underwear

The material of the underwear is also very important. Choosing the right material can make you feel more comfortable and confident.Generally speaking, the materials such as lace and tulle can have a charming effect, but at the same time, it is necessary to consider comfort.If you want to pay more attention to comfort, you can choose underwear made of cotton or other soft materials.

Fourth: master the matching skills

Matching is also a problem that wearing sexy underwear.Generally speaking, sexy underwear can be paired with stockings, high heels, and suspenders, which can make the whole look more perfect.Considering the overall style and occasion when matching, choosing different matching methods on different occasions can make you more confident and charming.

Fifth: Pay attention to the cleaning of underwear

Cleaning underwear is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to. Incorrect cleaning methods will destroy the material and shape of the underwear, which affects the comfort and appearance of the underwear.Generally speaking, it is best not to wash underwear with other clothes, but to wash with neutral soapy water. Do not use bleach and powerful watering.

Sixth: Choose the right body posture

Choose the right posture when wearing a sexy underwear to make you more beautiful and charming.If you want to show the perfect body curve, you can use some good body postures, such as the abdomen and the legs, or cross the leg.

Seventh: Choose different underwear styles in different occasions

The style of the underwear should also be selected according to different occasions.For example, family underwear can choose comfortable and warm styles, while out -of -field combinations need to choose more fashionable and seductive underwear.Choose different underwear styles on different occasions to make you more confident and comfortable.

Eighth: Make yourself feel comfortable

Finally, the most important point of wearing a sexy underwear is to make yourself feel comfortable.Whether it is appearance, comfort or self -confidence, wearing sexy underwear should be a thing that makes you feel happy and confident.

In short, wearing erotic underwear is not a difficult thing. You only need to understand your body characteristics, choose the right size and style, and master the matching skills to achieve the perfect effect.Finally, I hope that everyone can enjoy a good feeling when wearing a fun underwear.

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