Watch a fun underwear for your boyfriend

1. Sexy underwear is designed for couples

Sexy underwear is a sexy gift for couples.The boyfriend’s sexy underwear will increase sexual interest and make the intimacy between men and women closer.Therefore, girlfriend can consider giving her boyfriend a sexy underwear as a gift to express love.

2. Know the boyfriend’s preference

Before choosing a sexy underwear, girlfriends need to understand the preferences and preferences of her boyfriend.What style and color underwear do boyfriend like?Girlfriends can judge which type of sexy underwear like her boyfriend likes from daily dressing or attitude towards underwear.

3. Choose a style that suits you and boyfriend

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, including basic models, sexy hot models, strange fancy models, and so on.Girlfriend needs to choose a style that suits herself and her boyfriend.For example, if you feel that you wear a certain style of underwear very sexy, then your boyfriend is likely to like this type of sexy underwear.

4. Select the right size and fabric

When buying sexy underwear, girlfriends need to confirm the size of her boyfriend and the comfort of different fabrics.Under normal circumstances, men wear comfortable underwear more sexy than tight.Therefore, girlfriends need to choose suitable sizes and fabrics based on her boyfriend’s figure and preference.

5. With her boyfriend’s clothing

Girlfriend can consider choosing a suitable set of clothing for her boyfriend to make the effect of sexy underwear more perfect.For example, there is no need to put on coats and turtlenecks. Such clothing will destroy the effect of sexy underwear. Short -sleeved shirts and shawls are suitable choices.

6. Fixed boyfriend’s attention

The design purpose of sexy underwear is to attract men’s attention and enhance sexual interest.Therefore, after wearing a sexy underwear, my girlfriend can choose to have a teasing movement or posture to fix the attention of her boyfriend.

7. Create a suitable atmosphere

Girlfriend can create a sexy atmosphere by changing the light of the room or using candlelight.The effect of a boyfriend in sexy underwear may be further enhanced.

8. Prepare thoughtful sex supplies

Sex underwear is usually a catalyst for promoting sex.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear for her boyfriend, girlfriends should prepare some sexual supplies, such as lubricants, safety sets, etc., to increase the fun of the entire sex behavior.

9. Define the personal bottom line

Girlfriends need to clear their personal bottom lines before choosing love underwear and sexual behavior.If your girlfriend does not feel happy, the whole behavior will lose meaning.Understanding your own bottom line can ensure that the process of sex is happy and safe.

10. Summary: respecting each other

Before wearing a fun underwear for her boyfriend, girlfriends need to clarify their preferences and boyfriends, and choose suitable styles, sizes, fabrics and clothing.Girlfriends can create a suitable atmosphere, prepare thoughtful sex supplies, and ensure that her bottom line is not crossed.The most important thing is that during the whole process, the two sides need to respect each other instead of ignoring each other’s feelings and needs.

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