Video of doll dressing lingerie underwear and underwear


With the development of Internet technology and e -commerce, people can buy all kinds of sexy underwear without leaving home. The most popular of which is the sexy underwear dressed in dolls.Many women like to satisfy their fantasies and desires by wearing a sexy underwear dressed in dolls. Today we will understand the sexy underwear of doll dressing through videos.

Video scene

The video uses a romantic bedroom as the background. A gorgeous woman uses her body language and actions to show the beauty and sexy of dolls to dress sexy underwear.

Style classification

Pattal clothes are divided into various styles, such as loli, student girls, nurses, stewardess.Each style has its unique characteristics and design, allowing women to choose according to their preferences.

Material Introduction

Patsters dressing sexy underwear is usually made of high elastic and breathable materials, such as lace, silk, and yarn nets.These materials make the underwear look softer, comfortable, and more suitable for skin.

color match

The color matching of the underwear is one of the key factors that affect the effect of wearing.The sexy underwear dressed in puppets usually use pink, white, black and other colors.These colors can effectively show women’s sexy and charming.

Wearing skills

It takes a certain amount of skills to wear sexy underwear in dolls.Women need to choose the appropriate size according to their body characteristics, and also need to pay attention to the details of the underwear, such as the position of the shoulder straps, the hook buckle adjustment, etc.

With suggestions

In addition to underwear, women can also choose different accessories to match, such as stockings, high heels, etc.These accessories can effectively improve the overall dressing effect and make women more sexy and charming.


In order to extend the life of doll -dressed sexy underwear, women need to maintain correct maintenance.It is recommended to clean the underwear by hand to avoid using strong washing tools such as bleach and dryer.

Wearing occasion

The sexy underwear dressed in puppets is usually suitable for wearing in private occasions, such as flirting between couples, sex between husband and wife.Women should pay attention to the choice of the occasion to avoid wearing in public.

in conclusion

Patterns dressing sexy underwear is a unique and sexy underwear style, which can help women show their inner world and lust.Pay attention to details and skills in doll -dressed sexy underwear to achieve the best dressing effect.At the same time, women also need to perform correct maintenance to extend the life of underwear.

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