Video 2017 Info Underwear Contest

Video 2017 Info Underwear Contest

In the field of sexy underwear, there are some large -scale games every year.Among them, the more representative is the video 2017 sex underwear contest.Below, let’s take a look at the specific situation of this game.

1. Competition background

Video 2017 Info Underwear Contest is hosted by a domestic sexy underwear brand.This brand is leading in the industry, so the competition they hosts has attracted much attention.

2. Types of competition

Video 2017 Info Underwear Contest has three types of competitions: female model competitions, male model competitions, and sexy underwear creative design competition.These competitions are more representative in the field of sexy underwear.

3. Competition rules

The rules of the female model competition are: Participants need to play on the catwalk within the specified time, and show the brand’s new sexy lingerie; the rules of the male model competition are roughly the same; the rules of the creative design competition of sexy lingerie are: contestantsYou need to provide a sexy underwear designed by your own, and with text or pictures to explain.

4. Participants

Participants participating in this competition are all practitioners in the field of sexy underwear or industry enthusiasts.Their age and gender are relatively extensive, but they all have a certain interesting underwear knowledge reserve and professional ability.

5. Jury

The jury is composed of experts and authority in a group of sexy underwear.They will score based on factors such as the performance, design style, and creativity of the contestants, and finally decide the winners.

6. Competition value

Video 2017 Info Underwear Contest is not only a game, but also means cultural display and learning exchanges in the field of sexy underwear.The holding of this competition provides an opportunity for participants in the industry to learn from each other.

7. Competition results

In the Video 2017 Info Underwear Contest, the works shown by the participants have attracted the attention of many people in the industry.Some works have even been drawn by merchants and launched their new product lines with their prototype.

8. Impact on the market

The sensation caused by this competition is not only the impact in the industry, but also affects the attention of the consumer group.A large number of publicity has deepened more people’s understanding of sexy underwear culture, and also allows people to treat this category more openly.

9. Revelation of consumers

Watching this game will bring some inspiration to consumers.Not only can they understand the most cutting -edge design concepts in the industry through the sexy underwear works of the competition, but also observe the appropriate erotic underwear matching of different gender, body, and temperament models.

10. Conclusion

In general, the Video 2017 Inspection Underwear Contest is a grand event for the sexy underwear industry.Through the competition, not only shows all kinds of sexy lingerie works, but also makes people more psychologically pay more attention and understand the industry.At the same time, this competition has also excavated new talents, making the elites in the industry more valued.

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