Vacuum sex lingerie mm

What is a vacuum and sexy underwear?

Vacuum erotic lingerie is a special sexy lingerie. It is characterized by it can cover the chest, hip and other parts when wearing, and achieve the effect of improvement and compactness through the vacuum effect.

Vacuum sexy underwear style

Vacuum erotic underwear has a variety of styles. Common ones are corset, beam, jumpsuit, bundle chest skirt, etc.

The corset is a sexy underwear that only covers the chest, which has obvious effect on the breast improvement.

Bugs and jumpsuits are sexy underwear covering the hips and abdomen, which can visually achieve the effect of firming the waist.

The bama skirt is the sexy underwear of the chest and hips at the same time, which has a comprehensive improvement and shaping effect.

Vacuum sexy underwear material

The common material of vacuum sex underwear is polyester fiber, nylon, spandex, etc. These materials have certain elasticity and softness, comfortable to wear, and also have a certain tightening effect.

How to choose the right vacuum sex lingerie?

Selecting the right vacuum sexy underwear requires the following factors:

1. Breast/hip size: Make sure the selected sexy underwear can completely cover the chest/hip.

2. chest shape/hip type: different shapes of breasts/hips are also suitable for sexy underwear, which can be selected according to personal actual situation.

3. Material: Choose comfortable and durable materials.

How to use vacuum sex underwear

When using lively sexy underwear, you need to insert all the body parts into the underwear, and then manually discharge the air in the underwear to form a vacuum effect.Be careful not to work too tight when wearing it, and don’t be too relaxed.

Maintenance and cleaning of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum erotic underwear will adsorb sweat, oil and other substances during use. In order to maintain hygiene and service life, cleaning is required.

When cleaning, the dirt on the surface of the underwear should be gently kneaded with warm water or soapy water. Do not rub or wash hard to avoid damaging the material.

The advantages and disadvantages of vacuum sex lingerie

Vacuum erotic underwear has the following advantages:

1. The improvement effect is obvious, making the figure more charming.

2. The vacuum effect can promote blood circulation and have a certain massage effect on the chest/hip.

3. Comfortable material and good dressing.

However, its disadvantages are also obvious. Tighter sexy underwear may compress the body part and not suitable for long -term wear.

Suitable for people who use lively sexy underwear

The people who use lively sexy underwear are mainly:

1. Women who are fat and need to lose weight.

2. The chest/buttocks are relatively loose, and women need to be improved.

3. Women who are interested and want to try.

Vacuum sex lingerie market development prospects

With the increase in the demand for sexy underwear and the pursuit of shape, the vacuum sex lingerie market is broad.In the future, with the advancement of materials technology and the continuous changes in consumers, vacuum sexy underwear will have more innovation and development.


Vacuum sex lingerie is a relatively special sexy underwear with a certain shape and improvement effect.When choosing, consider your own characteristics and actual needs, and pay attention to the use and maintenance method.With the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous advancement of technology, the prospect of the vacuum sex underwear market is still relatively broad.

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