Use a rope to do a fun underwear tutorial

Use a rope to do a fun underwear tutorial

Interest underwear has become one of the essential items for modern women because of their sexy and mystery.If you want to be an expert in sexy underwear, you cannot be limited to buying existing underwear, but to learn to make it by yourself. Today we will learn how to use rope for sex underwear.

Choose a rope type

Before using the rope to make sexy underwear, you must first choose the right rope.More common rope materials include cotton rope, silk rope, metal rope, leather rope, etc.They have different properties, and they can choose suitable materials according to their needs.

Prepare materials and tools

Prepare materials and tools such as rope, scissors, ash, matches and other materials.Before making rope underwear, the rope must be processed in advance to ensure that it can be smoothly wrapped and welded.

measure size

When starting, you need to measure the body size to ensure that the length and width of the rope meet your body.Record the size and use it for easy production.

Choose the right style

Choose the right style according to your body characteristics and preferences.Common rope underwear styles include triangular patterns, chest bags, corsets, middle ropes, horizontal ropes, etc.According to your body characteristics and need to choose the right style.

Make triangular underwear

First, three ropes need to be cut, which is suitable for body size.Tie the three ropes together and separate the three ropes near the knot.Secondly, the three ropes pass through the knot in the other end, and weave the rope according to the styles you want, until weave it to the required length, and tie the final knot into a ring to complete the production.

Make chest bag underwear

First, use the same length as the body size of the rope to connect one end of the rope to the other end and fix the head of the line.Divide the line head along its length into two, pass through the rope joint, pass through the shoulders, tie the ring, then pass through the back, move the rope head to the chest, if you need, add some flower decorations, add some flower decorationsWait for the decoration to complete.

Make corset dress

Use two types of long ropes to pass through the rope and shoulders to form a ring shape. Use a straight line to string the rope, twist into a U -shaped, and finally pass through the back, move the tail of the rope to the chest, and complete.

Make a middle rope underwear

Connect into a ring with a long rope, and the left and right ends are around the chest and walk forward. When the rope walks to the waist, the hands are connected to each other and use the rope to cross the middle ring.

Make horizontal rope underwear

First of all, start with a long rope with a long rope to hold the body, pull the ends of the rope to the waist, cross the chest, pass through the crosses through the prize rope, and pull the rope to the back to complete the production.


Self -making underwear can not only help you better understand your physical characteristics, but also make you more confident and sexy in love.These DIY underwear are not only sexy, but also very practical, making your interesting life more colorful.Therefore, making sexy underwear by yourself can not only exercise skills or show your charm.

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