Urban restraint wearing sex underwear novels

Urban restraint wearing sex underwear novels

Chapter 1: Her first experience

When she was wearing a fun underwear for the first time, she felt that she became a new person.The dull life became full of passion and mystery instantly.The lace and red ribbon on the underwear made her suddenly feel sexy.For the first time, she experienced the charm of sexy underwear and began to set off to the road to sex.

Chapter 2: Seeking new stimuli

After a period of love, she gradually discovered that the stimulus in life was getting less and less.She began to seek new stimuli, trying to reintegrate enthusiasm.So she began to try all kinds of erotic underwear and wanted to stimulate herself and the other half in this way.

Chapter III: Playing with Emperor Fun Underwear

She found that sexy underwear can make sexual experiences in daily life more interesting.She started playing with love underwear and kept trying new styles and styles.Sometimes, she only needs to wear a sexy underwear to break the conventional sex life and make herself and the other half passion.

Chapter 4: The combination of underwear and sex

She gradually understands that sexy underwear is not just a simple clothing, it can be played as a game.Underwear and sex can be combined to let her and the other half experience more exciting sex:

Chapter 5: Breakthrough self

Over time, she constantly breaks through her limits and tries all the styles that look interesting.The various embellishments on the underwear made her difficult to resist.She never thought that she would have such a big guts and put on such underwear in public, but she firmly believed that after experiencing these, she had become extremely strong.

Chapter 6: Make sex more interesting

She began to accept, changing and adding some new elements to make sex more interesting.She walked further and further on the road of seeking freshness, and found that when she put on sexy underwear, the sex process became more perfect.

Chapter 7: Enjoy the combination of sex and sexy underwear

She has fell in love with sexy underwear and enjoys the combination of sex and sexy underwear.She found that "you can have sex everywhere, and the passion on the street" is not empty talk.It is her favorite game to stimulate each other with underwear.

Chapter 8: Finally found my satisfaction

She deeply realized that sexy underwear was finally found her satisfaction.When she needs to relax and comfortable, it can bring her the best emotional experience.Sexy underwear has become an essential part of her life. When she puts it on it, she feels like her life passes through, full of vitality and sunlight.

Chapter 9: Sexual Blessing everywhere

Now, even in daily work, she can still feel sex blessings anytime, anywhere.She is accustomed to putting on sexy underwear and facing work and other unpleasant things, and she can face it with a smile.She decided that all time will be full of sexual blessings and passion in the future, and underwear and sex will become an indispensable part of her life.

Chapter 10: Do not distinguish between day and night

She finally understood that life was like a busy party, but at this party, she had found what she needed.Whether resting at home or playing outside, sexy underwear can provide sex blessings and enjoyment anytime, anywhere.She began to enjoy every moment, nothing more than better underwear and more perfect sex, making people feel the beauty and happiness of life.


Wearing a sex underwear is a way to make life more interesting and passionate. Different styles and styles allow you and the other half to keep looking for new stimuli.And combining underwear and sex can make you experience unprecedented sex experience.Regardless of work, daily life or sex, sexy underwear can bring more happiness and satisfaction.As long as you try bravely, you can also enjoy ubiquitous sexual blessings.

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