Underwater beauty sex lingerie picture photo photo

Underwater beauty sex lingerie picture photo photo


Have you ever imagined to wear sexy sexy underwear and swimming underwater?Today, we will bring you a set of pictures of underwear underwear underwear underwater.

brand introduction

When choosing sexy underwear, brands are also very important factor.Domestic brands include Moonbasa, Temptation Beauty, Danlin, etc. Foreign brands include Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, etc.

Type recommendation

The factors that undergo underwear underwater underwear include materials, waterproofing, and comfort.The following types are recommended: bikini suits, swimwear -type sexy underwear, back -back sexy underwear, etc.Among them, the bikini suit is easy to match, suitable for women of different body types.

Style analysis

When choosing underwater sexy underwear styles, you can choose according to your personal preferences, such as like -like lace, sexy hollowed out, and sexy underwear with decorations.Wearing underwater also needs to consider the degree of conservation.

color match

Black, red, white and purple are more common underwear colors.Black and red can show women’s sexy and gentleness, while white and purple have some fresh and mysterious feelings.


When wearing sexy underwear underwater, accessories cannot be ignored.For example, crystal necklaces, pearl earrings, starfish hair clips, etc. These accessories can increase women’s temperament and the beauty of underwater sex lingerie.

Shooting skills

When taking pictures of underwear underwear underwater, pay attention to the shooting angle, light and underwater hardware equipment.Adjusting the shooting angle can find the best angle of showing sexy underwear. The light can also make the sexy underwear shine, and the underwater hardware equipment can make the shooting clearer and textured.

Post -processing

After the shooting is completed, post -processing needs to be performed.By cutting, adjusting the light, and increasing details, the pictures of the beautiful underwear of the underwater beauty are more perfect.However, pay attention not to be excessively beautified in later processing, otherwise you will lose your real sense.


Pay attention to safety when wearing underwater erotic underwear.It is necessary to be accompanied by professionals, wear it in a safe place, and keep a safe distance under the water.


Underwater beauty erotic underwear pictures are a way to show feminine charm, but you need to pay attention to safety and moderate.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, wearing beautiful and comfortable underwear, making yourself more confident and charming.

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