Try to wear sex underwear and be bullied novels

Try to wear sex underwear and be bullied novels

Sexy underwear is one of the fashion items of modern women’s hobbies. Whether it is sexy underwear, beautiful back underwear or no trace underwear, it has the effect of making women more confident and beautiful.But there is a gap between the sexy underwear and the envious pictures, because the internal structure and size problem.Let’s follow the story of a girl to experience the things wearing sexy underwear.

First choice

When the girl walked into the sex underwear shop for the first time, she was a little panicked.The young lady in the store was warmly selling underwear, but the girl finally chose a red suit shyly.When I got home, the girl tried it on and found that she actually bought a size smaller!So put it aside, and plan to experience the charm of sexy underwear when it is more mature.

Size not match

After a while, the girl bought a set of sexy underwear, but the size was often not matched, because different brands and styles were different, which made the girl feel a headache.

visual impact

On one occasion, the girl walked on the street wearing a set of sexy sexy lingerie, but was watched by the boys, making the girl feel embarrassed.While shopping with girlfriends, the girl found that her underwear that she thought was beautiful is not so outstanding in the eyes of others.

Internal structural problem

Once the girl bought a sexy underwear, but she found that the shoulder strap always slipped.Later, she found that the design problem was that the tilt angle of the shoulder strap was not enough, so she gave up the underwear and hoped that the designer could notice this detail.

The problem of hanging sticks

Girls like the matching of strap socks very much, but they are often easy to break when they wear it.As a result, the girl began to look for a hanging stick that suits her, hoping to solve the match that hinders her.

Color underwear exposure

The girl came to the beach to play with a colorful erotic underwear. She did not expect that she was surrounded by tourists and tour guides. The girl was afraid to leave. She hoped to get the understanding of others, and she hoped that she could live more confidently.

Exposed navel

The girl found that her navel was easy to expose when wearing underwear, so she used some waist -shaped methods to solve this problem, hoping to be confident and beautiful when wearing underwear.

Charm extender

When the girl bought a large size of sexy underwear, she found that the feeling of falling was more serious.Later, she heard that the charm extension was heard. After a period of time, she found that she could avoid sagging underwear. The sense of insecurity in her heart was well eased.


The market for sex underwear is getting bigger and bigger, but different women’s needs and physical conditions are very different.When choosing a sexy underwear, women need to try on a variety of sizes and brands to find a style that suits them. At the same time, manufacturers should also pay attention to designing details such as internal structures so that women are more confident and beautiful when wearing underwear.

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