Top ten cities in sex underwear consumption

Top ten cities in sex underwear consumption


As one of the cities with the highest per capita income in the country, Shanghai’s sexy underwear market has gradually become one of the most potential markets.Local consumers have great demand for high -quality erotic underwear, especially those products with higher and more unique styles. Consumer groups are mainly white -collar workers with high income in large cities.


In the past few years, the sexy underwear market in Beijing has experienced rapid growth.Here, consumers of sexy underwear are mainly concentrated in younger and fashionable people.They pay more attention to brands and styles, and have high interest in novel and unique styles.


Guangzhou has made full use of its developed manufacturing industry and has become one of the important bases for production of sexy underwear.The city’s consumption demand for sexy underwear is also very high, and low -priced products have become a highlight of the market.Consumers are mainly young women and young people entering the workplace.


Shenzhen’s sexy underwear market is mainly composed of online shopping channels.Many consumers prefer to buy sexy underwear online because they can get more brands and better prices.


Chengdu’s sexy underwear market has always been famous for its price advantage and brand diversity.Local young consumers are often more prudent in choosing sexy underwear. They pay more attention to practical value in evaluating quality and cost -effectiveness.


The sexy underwear market in Hangzhou is known for its high -quality and high -end secondary.Local female consumers have higher requirements for the quality, materials, styles and production processes of sexy underwear.The market is dominated by mid -to -high -end brands, and the price is more competitive than Beishangguang.


Xi’an’s sexy underwear market is becoming more and more energetic, especially young female consumers’ recognition of sexy underwear brands is getting higher and higher.In addition, the price advantage is also a major advantage in the market’s sexy underwear market.


Wuhan’s sexy underwear market is characterized by mature, stable, and focusing on quality.Consumers’ needs often focus on important purchasing factors such as brands, materials, and cost -effectiveness.


The main features of Nanjing’s sexy underwear market focus on the adaptation of brand, quality and price.Most of the products on the market are mid -to -high -end brands.Most of the consumer groups are women.


Chongqing’s sexy underwear market is relatively small and the market share is relatively limited.However, with the changes in the situation, consumers’ demand for sexy underwear is gradually increasing.Over time, Chongqing’s sexy underwear market will gradually have more market share and consumer recognition.


From the perspective of consumption data, over time, China’s sexy underwear market will continue to become a highlight.In the future, as people’s demand for sexual health and physical and mental health continues to improve, more products need to meet consumer needs.In this market, factors such as quality, price and production process are very critical, and these factors have an important impact on consumers.

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