Tong Jia Ni Fun underwear map

Tong Jiani is a well -known sexy underwear designer. Her design has bold, sexy and romantic elements, and is loved by female consumers.Her works have multiple series, including European and American sexy underwear, Japanese and Korean style of sexy underwear, cute retro sexy underwear.In this article, we will introduce you to Tong Ni’s sexy underwear design and describe and analyze different series of products.

Western -style sex lingerie series

Tong Jiani’s Western -style sex lingerie series combines sexy and fashionable elements. Compared with traditional sexy underwear, she pays more attention to design and quality.The design of this series includes a variety of styles such as bikini, stockings, underwear, bra and other styles. It uses materials such as lace, silk, and beads as the main raw materials. The products made contain artistic aesthetics and easier to match daily clothing.

Japan and South Korea style underwear series

Japan and South Korea’s style of fun underwear series are a product that focuses on cuteness, freshness, simplicity, and natural style, focusing on comfortable texture.The design style is clean, warm, and comfortable, reflecting the health and natural attitude of life in Japan and South Korea.This series contains products such as ordinary bras, shaping underwear, woolen pajamas, and sex stockings, with various styles.

Cute Vocal Funny Lingerie Series

The cute retro -fun underwear series combines Chinese and European and American elements, paying attention to the decorative and aesthetic experience of clothing, and highlights its cuteness and femininity.This series is particularly focused on texture. It is made of high -quality fabrics and is comfortable to wear.In design, it is characterized by details such as straps, lace, embroidery.

Perspective sex lingerie series

Performing erotic underwear series is a unique design style. It is mainly transparent, lace and other elements. It focuses on the sexy and charm of the product and has strong fashionability, reflecting the beautiful body and charm of women.This series includes all kinds of bikini, lace underwear, sexy underwear, stockings and other products, and each product shows a unique light.

Leopard erotic underwear series

Leopard erotic underwear series is a very user -friendly design style, masculine, rebellious, wild, highlighting personality, showing women’s self -proposition and independent personality.The fabric is mainly lace and leather, simple and smooth lines, simple and comfortable feelings.Leopard underwear is a product with good shape and applicability, suitable for wild women.

Cat Woman sex lingerie series

Cat Woman’s sexy lingerie series was designed by Tong Ni for the cat. The characteristic of this design is that each piece of sex underwear with a corresponding cat model, with a strong comic style and cute, funny, sexy, sweet expression, showA design style that coexists with fun and personality.

Falling underwear wearing skills

Wearing erotic underwear, you can’t just see sexy, but also need to pay attention to the comfort and fit of wearing.First of all, when buying sexy underwear, you must customize it and buy your own suitable size.Secondly, when wearing, pay attention to the shaping effect of the chest, fat, and other parts to avoid increasing fat or physical discomfort.

How to clean and maintain sex underwear

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear is very important, because the fabric of the sexy underwear is very sensitive, and the improper cleaning method and maintenance method will reduce its service life.First, use a special cleaner and follow the instruction manual.Second, avoid contact with rough items to avoid damaging fabrics.Finally, try to avoid exposure in the sun as much as possible to avoid fading and deformation.


Tong Jiani’s sexy underwear has a variety of design styles, focusing on beauty and quality, and is favored by female consumers.When choosing a product, you need to buy according to your personal needs and body characteristics, and follow the correct wear and maintenance methods in order to make sexy underwear better play its charm.

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