Tibic long -tube socks sexy underwear

Origin and development

The camisole long -tube socks have become a sexy, eye -catching fashion element in recent years, but its history is actually very long, and it can be traced back to the early 19th century.At that time, in order to keep warm, women put on long -handed socks in winter. These socks also became fashionable at the time.After many years of evolution, it became today’s sling -long sock socks.

Design and structure

Tiber long -tube socks are composed of two parts: upper and lower parts, which are generally made of frictional polyester fiber and elastic fiber.Generally speaking, the upper part is a sleeveless and strap strap, and the lower part is the length of the thigh or to the knee. At the same time, it uses breathable, soft, and elastic fabrics to make the wearer experience a more comfortable feeling.

Style and color

There are many styles of camisole long -tube socks, and you can buy different sizes, materials, colors, patterns and other options.Black, red, white and other basic tones are the most popular choices. At the same time, there are two parts that support customized and personalized upper and lower parts.At the same time, this sexy underwear is often paired with other clothing such as high heels and skirts to show its sexy characteristics.

Sexy factor

The design of the camisole socks with sexy underwear is sexy as the main element. It is a unique charm of women. It uses thin and transparent fabrics and unique designs to create a sexy and sexy image.Putting on a camisole and socks, you can appreciate the perfect proportional lines and the perfect body curve. Women wearing it also become more confident, charming and sexy.


Pay attention to some details when wearing a camisole.First of all, be sure to choose underwear suitable for your own size. Do not choose too small or too large size to avoid problems such as inappropriate bloated or too breathable.Secondly, it is recommended to straighten the socks when wearing, so that it can fit the body perfectly.Finally, pay special attention to details when wearing, such as the sutures on the socks and the matching of other clothing, these details may affect the overall effect.


There are many types of suspenders of long -tube socks, such as Valentine’s Day, Party, Club, Nightclubs, Dinner, and so on.Correspondingly, in order to achieve the best results, we also need to wear different camiscoe sock sock socks for different occasions, which can better reflect the sexy and unique characteristics.


Tsolo long -tube socks can not only be matched with other clothing, but also can be designed to wear according to their preferences.For example, you can wear a camisole sock socks, or with high heels, corset, leather skirts and other underwear to strengthen the sexy elements of the image to achieve a more perfect effect.

Maintenance and cleaning

Tiber long -tube socks are a high -level personal underwear, so you need to pay attention to good maintenance and cleaning.It is recommended to choose a professional detergent or weak alkaline detergent for cleaning, while not rubbing hard to avoid damaging the socks.In addition, the method of drying underwear is also very important. It is best to choose ventilation and cool places to avoid unnecessary friction and deformation of underwear.

Price and brand

There are many types of camisole sock socks, and there are many brands of sexy underwear, and domestic and foreign brands are provided.The price is also relatively flexible. The price of some basic styles of sexy underwear is less than 100 yuan, while some customized or advanced and luxurious brands may be as high as thousands of yuan.It is recommended to conduct comprehensive weighing selection in the brand, price, and willingness.


Tsolo long -tube socks are a unique and sexy underwear design that can bring a strong visual impact and sexy feeling.Whether it is daily or on important occasions, it is very important to choose a long -term comfortable and suitable sexy underwear.To understand the knowledge of long -tube sock socks, choosing a brand and style that suits you is the key to wearing underwear.

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