The male lead has been wearing sexy underwear

The male lead has been wearing sexy underwear

Male leads have always liked to wear sexy underwear. This phenomenon may be strange for many people, but as an expert in sexy underwear, I think it is normal for the male lead to wear sexy underwear. Below I will explain this phenomenon from multiple aspects.

Looking back on the history of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can be traced back to the ancient Roman period. Roman women often wear bikini underwear in public bathrooms, while ancient men wear tight -fitting corset to highlight muscle lines.Nowadays, sexy underwear has evolved into various styles, and men have also begun to wear sexy underwear.

Types of sex underwear

Men’s sexy underwear is divided into pantyhose, tight vests, suspenders, three -point, G strings, monks and so on.These underwear can be used as sexual supplies or men’s body -shaping clothing to make the figure more perfect.

The purpose of sexy underwear

There are many uses for men to wear fun underwear. Some of them include: enhance self -confidence, improve sexuality, enthusiastic inspiration, flirting effects, etc. Men will feel the whole body fever when wearing erotic underwear, and sex is more intense.

Why do men love to wear sexy underwear?

There are many reasons to explain why men like to wear sexy underwear.First of all, sexy underwear makes men feel sexy and confident, or because their partners want them to wear erotic underwear to increase interest.In addition, sexy underwear is usually more comfortable than traditional underwear, and also supports male body shaping effects.

The effect of sexy underwear on men’s health

Interesting underwear is more private and secure and beautiful for traditional underwear, but pay attention to the material of the underwear. Do not use those materials that can cause allergies and stimulate the skin, otherwise it will affect the health of men.People with skin allergies are best to choose 100%natural underwear.

The price and suitable object of sex underwear

The price of sex underwear varies from different brands, materials, uses, functions, etc., generally ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.Suitable objects are different. Some men like to wear sex underwear, but some people are not suitable for wearing, and they will be counterproductive.

Select sexy underwear according to different uses

Sex underwear is not a general style. Choose different erotic underwear according to various purposes.Formally wearing formal underwear should be worn, which is suitable for wearing sexy underwear during sex.Moreover, different people will like different types of sexy underwear, and then list some sexy underwear suitable for different men for your reference:

Suitable for sexy men’s erotic underwear: G string, lace band, transparent underwear, etc.

Men’s sexy underwear suitable for men with poor hip curves: tight -fitting briefs, small pants, stretching trousers, etc.

Suitable for men with pectoral muscles: tight vests, body -shaping corset.

Sexy underwear suitable for orgasm: three -point, monk service, etc.

The small details that men should pay attention to men’s underwear should be paid attention to

Men also have many small details that need to pay attention to.For example, some sexy underwear design is too avant -garde, which is easy to cause uncomfortable. You need to choose comfortable and applicable underwear.In addition, the sexy underwear should be matched with the figure, and different body shapes are suitable for different sexy underwear.


Men’s sexy underwear has become a fashion trend. More and more men are trying to try to wear sexy underwear. Not only in sex, wearing sexy underwear can also enhance sexy and self -confidence and make the body more perfect.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your figure and applicable occasions.At the same time, pay attention to choosing the right material, style and color to achieve the best results.

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