The male lead coax the female lead to wear sexy underwear

The male lead coax the female lead to wear sexy underwear

The sexual relationship between men and women has become part of people’s lives, and sexy underwear, as one of the elements, has become more and more valued.However, some women are very sensitive to their problems. Men should be more cautious and patient and cherish their lover.Here, this article will explain the method of coaxing the heroine to wear sexy underwear to help everyone to better live sex.

Look through sex underwear

Interest underwear is like a sex life. It is a very private thing, which is best completed by both men and women.Generally speaking, women are more interesting underwear, so men should respect women’s ideas, especially when wearing sexy underwear.It is very necessary to understand the types and uses of sexy underwear, so as to better coax the female lead to wear sexy underwear.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for women

The beauty of women’s body needs to be praised and respected, and it is also important to choose the right sexy underwear.Different women are suitable for different erotic underwear, so it is very important to choose suitable sexy underwear.Men should carefully ask women’s preferences, respect the choice of women, understand the characteristics of women and wearing habits, in order to choose sexy underwear suitable for women.

Treat sex underwear as a psychological game

Wearing sex underwear is a sexual psychological game.When men and women are wearing sexy underwear, their physical feelings and psychological pleasure are interactive, and the atmosphere between each other is constantly heating up.The male lead should maintain a pleasant mood. When hugging with women, enjoy the body and warmth, making the whole process more harmonious.

For women’s body, especially respect

When men coax the female lead to wear sexy underwear, they should pay special attention to their respect for women’s bodies.Whether it is physical or spiritual, men need to be protected and taken care of.Therefore, men should be more careful, understand women’s bodies, and try not to bring any discomfort and harm to women.

Create a romantic atmosphere

Creating a romantic atmosphere is also very important for coaxing the heroine to wear sex lingerie.This process requires the male lead to devote himself to creating a romantic and warm atmosphere for the female lead.You can order some candles for the heroine, put some soft music, and filled the entire room with petals, and increase the romantic atmosphere of the whole process.

Careful for women’s emotions and evaluations

Generally speaking, women are more sensitive to their bodies, so men should pay more attention to their language and attitude, evaluation and feelings.In the process of wearing a sexy underwear, men should praise and evaluate the female lead’s body in spoken language.Such a language can make women feel respected and appreciated, so they are more willing to continue.

Pay attention to your own behavior

In addition to paying attention to words, physical language is also very important.Men’s behavior and behavior are also important, and details need to be paid attention to.For example, when the female lead wears a sexy underwear, the male lead can adjust the position of the female lead appropriately to help the female lead show her wonderful body.At the same time, the male lead should pay attention to his reaction to make himself more decent.

Establish deep emotional connections

Being able to coax the heroine to wear sexy underwear and establish a deep emotional connection can make the couple closer.In addition to making sexual life more abundant, the role of sexy underwear can also establish a relationship between husband and wife.For the male lead, in the process of coaxing the female lead to wear underwear, they need to be gentle and caring, and establish a further emotional connection.

Don’t deliberately pursue perfect performance

Finally, in the process of coaxing the female lead to wear sexy underwear, the male lead should relax and not deliberately pursue perfection.Wearing sex underwear itself is a form of game, which can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also make sex life better.Therefore, there is no need to pursue the perfection of performances. The most important thing is to enjoy happiness in the process.


The above is how the male lead coaxed the female lead to wear sex underwear.Throughout the process, the male lead needs to pay more attention to the physical characteristics and feelings of women to protect the feelings and dignity of women.Increase the emotional connection between husband and wife by wearing sex underwear, and establish a deeper relationship between each other.

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