The male lead buys a sexy dress

The male lead buys a sexy dress

It seems common for men to buy sexy underwear for women, but the opposite scenes may also happen.This time we will discuss the scenes of the male lead buying sexy underwear, and some issues that the male lead should pay attention to at this time.

Understand your taste

Before the man mainly buys sexy underwear, you first need to understand your taste.If you want to make the female companion wearing underwear, bring themselves stimulation and pleasure, buying on the basis of your favorite style will be more smooth and confident.You can reserve some research time before the female companion wears different sexy lingerie. Look at the style that allows you to bring the highest stimulus, and then buy similar underwear.

Buy suitable style

After determining the type of sexy underwear that you like, what the male lead needs to pay attention to is the style that is suitable for his female companion.Of course, this requires understanding of the figure, preferences and other places of your female companion.As a male lead, you need to carefully choose the right style in the body, and understand the character, preference, wearing time, etc. to ensure that the selected style can really make the female companion feel happy, instead of making them embarrassed or uncomfortableEssence

Consider the quality of underwear

The comfort and quality of sexy underwear are very important. For underwear retailers, their business depends to a large extent on the safety, comfort and durability provided by men to buy underwear for women.This means that when buying sexy underwear, the male lead should choose high -quality products to ensure that the female companion gets the best experience.

Careful selection

Different erotic underwear has different styles. According to the needs and preferences of female partners, choosing the right style is also a necessary job for the male lead.There are many options, such as bra, underwear, suspenders, pajamas, etc. At the same time, there are also a variety of sexy underwear in common -dense materials, that is, carefully selected in texture and fabricWrinkle resistance, extreme wear resistance and softness to ensure high quality of underwear quality and meet the preferences of female partners.

Do not fade, you can’t drop it in vain

It is also important to maintain the beauty of sexy underwear for a long time.Male leads need to ensure that the selected products will not fade or decolorize, and they should also pay attention to the female companion cold sailor was washed and dry to the best state when the weather is hot.It is recommended that male leads choose high -quality products with these characteristics when buying sexy underwear.

Appropriate size is the key

Whether it is ordinary underwear or sexy underwear, excessive or too small size will make the wearing fans feel uncomfortable and may affect sexy.When buying sexy underwear, the male lead must choose a suitable size to enhance the confidence and charm of the female companion.

Consider the skin of sexy underwear and female companion

For female companions who often wear them, the fabrics and ingredients of sexy underwear are also very important.Some sexy lingerie materials that contain chemical ingredients and do not have enough skin care may cause allergies or other skin problems.When the male lead needs to choose a sexy underwear, choose non -irritating and harmless fabric to the skin to ensure that the female companion is comfortable in a long period of time and avoid any unnecessary skin problems.

Anonymous purchase is important

Although wearing a sexy underwear itself may make the female companion feel sexy, there are still some problems that may make the female companion feel uncomfortable when buying sexy underwear -how to buy sexy underwear in public places, how to be discovered by others, and so on.Therefore, the male lead needs to ensure that the way to buy sexy underwear is safe. It is best to buy it by himself or buy it through online channels to ensure that the female companion will not feel uneasy.


In order to bring a fulfilling and interesting love life to the female companion, the male lead to buy sexy underwear may be a good choice, but during the purchase process, the male lead needs to pay attention to all the above problems in order to better serve the female companion.Ensure the quality, style and comfort of sexy underwear, and create a perfect romantic feeling.

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