The first sexy underwear um novel

The first sexy underwear um novel

As a sexy underwear expert, I hope to help those who are not familiar with sexy underwear through this article to understand the types of love underwear and how to choose and buy.The following is an interesting thing I recorded. Let’s start!

The first time you buy sex, sexy lingerie

I still remember that I was the first time I purchased sexual love underwear.At that time, my boyfriend and I planned to hold a party of sexual themes. I want to wear new sexy underwear to surprise him.After consulting the opinions of some sexy underwear experts, I decided to buy a black perspective sexy underwear.

Choose the right sexy underwear size

After determining the style, the size is also very important.I know my body and size, but the size of sexy underwear and ordinary underwear may be different, so I chose the appropriate size according to the size table on the website.Fortunately, the size of the size is right. It is very close after wearing a sexy underwear, which is very suitable for my figure.

Buy suitable sexy lingerie materials

The quality is also considered when buying sexy underwear.After all, we will wear it, so the material needs high quality.I chose the velvet material because it was soft and comfortable, had good breathability, and the texture was very good.

Sexy underwear matching

In order to improve my sexy underwear, I also bought some accessories, such as a pair of high heels, lubricating dew for time, and some doll props.These small items make my sexy underwear more brilliant.

Sexy underwear party

The sexy underwear party that night was very successful.I feel more confident and sexy in my black perspective sexy underwear.My boyfriend was very satisfied with me, and it was very pleasant that night.I am also happy to recommend this toy to everyone who wants to try sexy underwear.

Interesting underwear clean

After buying sexy underwear, you also need to consider its maintenance and cleaning.I try to avoid using washing machines and drying machines to deal with sexy underwear, because this may damage these special materials.I recommend handing or using special detergents to handle sexy underwear.

Pay attention to the use of sexy underwear

Interest underwear may not be suitable for all occasions.I noticed that under the formal occasion of family gatherings and company party, wearing sexy underwear may not be a good idea.Sex underwear is most suitable for romantic and passionate occasions.

Don’t be ashamed to try

Whether you are a newborn underwear or an experienced person, don’t be shy, try different erotic underwear.At present, there are many types and styles of sexy underwear on the market. Whether you like sexy, cute, sweet, or more provocative, there is always one suitable for you.

in conclusion

For my first sexy underwear experience, I can say that I can’t help but be able to share this experience with everyone who is interested in sexy underwear.Choose sexy underwear through some of the following tips, which can make you feel more comfortable, confident and sexy, and provide the best experience in passion.

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