The boyfriend quietly bought sexy underwear

The boyfriend quietly bought sexy underwear

Our sexual life has been very sweet since I am with my boyfriend.However, he recently found that he bought sexy underwear quietly and secretly hid in the drawer.This surprised me a little, and at the same time was a little curious. What exactly is the psychology of men buying sexy underwear?

Why do men buy sexy underwear?

The reasons for men’s buying lingerie are different, but in general, there are two main types.The first is to increase sexual interest, improve pleasure and stimulus; the other is to surprise the female companion to increase interest and romantic atmosphere.This is a common psychological reason for men to buy sexy underwear.

Types and characteristics of sexy underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear, such as sex and erotic lingerie, beauty sexy underwear, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sex lingerie, etc.Each has its unique characteristics and charm.Sexual emotional lingerie through design, material and other aspects to create a sexy and seductive effect; beautiful women’s erotic lingerie pursue women’s softness and elegance; adults’ sexy lingerie pays more attention to the reduction of practicality and sex scenes;The characteristics of Western culture and style are more fashionable and avant -garde.

How to buy suitable sexy underwear

To buy suitable sexy underwear, the following aspects need to be considered.The first is your own figure and temperament. You must choose the size and style that suits you; the second is the character and preference, and you must choose the style that meets your personality and preferences. Finally, it is material and use.Essence

How to match sexy underwear

The matching of sexy underwear is also important.Generally speaking, it can be paired with various colors and styles of thongs, briefs, suspenders, etc., as well as high heels, stockings, etc.It should be noted that the matching must be decent and appropriate, which can highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear, but it will not be too exposed and insignificant.

Use sexy jackets with your partner

The biggest effect of sexy underwear is to increase sexual interest and romantic atmosphere.Therefore, when using sexy underwear with partners, we must pay attention to communication and understanding, and respect each other’s needs and feelings.At the same time, you can try to change the role, adjust the plot, create a novel position, etc. to increase the taste and stimulus.

Symbol of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a private product, with a lot of tricks.However, in order to make huge profits and pursue cheapness in order to earn huge profits, problems such as "hygiene miscellaneous" will not only affect the human body, but also destroy the beauty and quality of sexy underwear.Therefore, consumers should choose the products of regular manufacturers when they choose to buy sexy underwear to protect their physical health and rights.

Society’s attitude towards sex underwear

The appearance and development of sexy underwear has received widespread attention from the society.Some people have a negative attitude towards sexy underwear, thinking that they are not serious, vulgar, and insignificant.But in fact, sexy underwear is designed and produced to meet the physical and physiological and psychological needs of human health, as well as increasing sexual interest and romantic atmosphere. Therefore, we should look at sex underwear more openly and tolerant to respect others’ choices and rights.

My point of view

Although my boyfriend secretly buying sexy underwear surprised me a little, but also felt very interesting and exciting.In my opinion, the appearance and use of sexy underwear can not only increase sexual interest and stimulus, but also enhance the emotion and interaction between men and women, making our sexual life more interesting and beautiful.Therefore, we should look at sexy underwear more openly and tolerate, and try and use appropriately.

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