The boy said to buy you sexy jacket for you

The boy said to buy you sexy jacket for you

Imagine that you and your partner are spending a romantic night together, and then he said that you want to buy a sexy underwear for you, what will you feel like?Is it embarrassing, shy or excited?No matter what you feel, you need to know some knowledge about men’s purchase of sexy underwear to ensure that the underwear you get is the most in line with what you need.

1. Understand your body model

The first step, you need to understand your body model so that men can help you choose the most suitable underwear for you.Everyone’s body is different, and different underwear is also suitable for different body models.You can measure your body’s various sizes with the help of assistant or beauty experts to ensure that you choose to be suitable for your underwear.

2. Learn different sexy underwear types

Also, you need to understand different types of sexy underwear so that boys can choose the most convenient underwear type for you.Some sexy underwear is designed for a sexy atmosphere, such as hollow design, perspective style, lace decoration, etc. and other sexy underwear may be designed to achieve specific sexual fantasy, such as sexy dresses, role -playing clothing, etc.wait.

3. Determine your personal style

In addition to understanding different sexy underwear types, you also need to have a clear personal style.Maybe you have a special preference, like a certain style of underwear, or you have some special preferences for specific colors and parts.

4. Follow your self -confidence

This is an important aspect, you need to pay attention to your self -confidence.Interest underwear is largely sexy and confident. If you feel that you lack confidence in this area, then sexy underwear may not be the best choice.Make sure you are confident in your body so as to wear underwear better.

5. Size and comfort are important

When you choose a sexy underwear, make sure you choose the correct size of underwear, because a fitted underwear is more comfortable than an unsuitable underwear.In addition, comfort is another important aspect to ensure that your choice of underwear is high, so that you can feel the best sexy experience.

6. Mark a good price

There is a big difference in the price of sexy underwear, so when choosing a underwear that suits you, make sure that boys understand your budget.It should also be noted that sometimes high -priced sexy underwear may not necessarily be the best choice, because high price does not mean that the quality of underwear is higher.

7. Maintain and clean sexy underwear

When you buy a good -looking sexy underwear, don’t think that your work has been completed.Make sure you maintain and clean underwear correctly.This can ensure that the lingerie has a longer service life, and you can also get more sexy experiences.

8. Enjoy philatelic

Some girls may have the habit of philatelic. When you like sexy underwear, this is a good way to enjoy sexy underwear longer.Collecting different types, colors and styles of sexy underwear can allow you to enjoy a richer sexy experience.

9. More experience

In addition to various sexy underwear that has been introduced, you can also try some other experiences, such as sexy accessories, pornographic small objects, and so on.All these things can allow you to enjoy a richer sexy experience, so as to better meet the needs of you and your partner.

10. Summary view

Finally, it is difficult to accurately describe sexy underwear to women.Interest underwear can improve self -confidence and sexy experience, which are very valuable.However, each woman has her own style and needs, which also means that when choosing a sexy underwear, the factors of diversity and self -realization need to be considered.

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