The black lingerie is still white or white


Interest underwear has always been synonymous with sexy, mysterious and temptation.Black and white, as two extreme colors, are no exception for sexy underwear.But what kind of sexy underwear is more sexy and seductive?Let’s discuss it together.

Advantages of black color sexy underwear

1. Black -colored and sexy underwear has a strong sense of mystery, making people easy to imagine and associate.

2. Black -colored sexy underwear is particularly suitable for women with light -colored skin, which can make the skin more fair.

3. Black -colored and sexy underwear can hide some of the deficiencies of the body, such as fat belly, relaxation, etc., which plays a role in beautifying the body.

Disadvantages of black color sex underwear

1. Black color sexy underwear may be too conspicuous in some occasions, not low -key enough.

2. If the black sexy underwear is not close enough, it is easy to look bulky and bloated.

3. Black -colored sexy underwear requires daily maintenance, otherwise it is easy to lose color and fade.

The advantages of white sex lingerie

1. Although white sex lingerie is not as mysterious as black and sexy underwear, it can show the feminine and freshness of women.

2. White erotic underwear can be well paired with white or light -colored clothes to form a harmonious overall sense.

3. White erotic underwear is also suitable for women with different skin tones, and has a wider range of applicability.

The disadvantage of white sex lingerie

1. White sex underwear is relatively easy to dirty, and you need to pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance.

2. White sex underwear has higher requirements on the body, and the curve and line requirements of the body are more obvious.

3. White sex underwear is relatively cool, which may be more suitable for summer wear.

Black or white?Look at the occasion!

In fact, the color of the coloring underwear is not absolutely right or wrong.Wearing sex underwear should choose different colors according to different occasions.For example, dinner, party and other formal occasions can choose black sex underwear, which looks more mature and stable.In some happy occasions, summer, etc., you can choose white sex underwear, which is more fresh and energetic.

The quality of underwear is equally important

In addition to color, the quality of sexy underwear is also crucial.Good erotic underwear should have good breathability, comfortable and soft feel, and clean and simple characteristics.When buying sexy underwear, comprehensive considerations can be made from various aspects such as fabrics, crafts, and sizes.

Pay attention to personal physical characteristics

Different people have different physical characteristics, such as man, skin color, body curve, etc.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose according to your physical characteristics.For example, some sexy underwear with darker colors and high body lines is more difficult for those who are fatter.

Sex underwear accessories and matching

The accessories and matching of sexy underwear are equally important.For example, you can choose to wear high heels to make your body more sloppy; you can match sexy stockings to increase temptation.When matching, it is important to pay attention to the accessories that match the style of sexy underwear to avoid exception or deviating style.

It is not recommended to be too exposed and overwhelmed

Interest underwear is sexy rather than exposed, so it is not recommended to choose too exposed and excessive styles.More importantly, wearing comfort and nature is the most beautiful.If sexy underwear makes you feel uncomfortable or unnatural, then don’t choose.

in conclusion

Both black sex lingerie or white sex underwear have their own advantages and disadvantages.Choosing the color, style and matching of sexy underwear requires consideration of physical characteristics and occasions.The most important thing is that sexy underwear is not only a fashion product that can be seen, but also a relaxed and comfortable experience.Choosing sex underwear is not for others but for your own feelings.

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