The big breast number of sexy underwear

The big breast number of sexy underwear

What is the big breast number

The big breast number refers to the special number provided by the underwear brand for women with plump breasts.Usually more and more plump than ordinary numbers.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is important to understand whether your size and the purchased style are very important.

How to tailor the big breast number

The method for measuring busty breasts is basically the same as measuring ordinary underwear.Measure the widest part of the chest, and then measure the widest part of the chest.Determine the big breasts according to the official size table.

The benefits of big breasts

The advantage of the big breasts is that it is more suitable for women with plump breasts, which will not make underwear too tight or uncomfortable.Busty underwear usually has better support and coverage effect, which can bring a better dressing experience and more beautiful.At the same time, choosing big breasts can also avoid sagging and deformation of the chest.

Which brands provide big breasts

Many well -known erotic underwear brands offer busty underwear, such as Victoria’s Secret, Locking, Licas, Deanfen, Kaviekley, and Triumph.

Is there a different type of big breasts?

There are different types of big breasts.For example, some brands divide the busty numbers into shallow mouths and deep mouths to adapt to breasts of different shapes.Each type has different designs to provide better support and aesthetic effects.

Which groups are suitable for big breasts?

Big breasts are suitable for women with full breasts.Some women may prefer tight or lace styles, but they may not be suitable for women with larger busts.It is important to understand your size and shape when choosing a sexy underwear.

How to choose the big breast number that suits you

First measure your chest size and find the big breasts on the official size table.When selecting sexy underwear, color, material, style and support should be specially considered to ensure comfort and aesthetic effect.

Maintenance of busty underwear

The maintenance of busty underwear is the same as ordinary underwear.It is recommended to use a special underwear bag to avoid excessive rubbing when washing. Wash it with cold water. You cannot use bleach and hot water. You cannot use a dryer.

Precautions for wearing busty underwear

Pay attention to matching with your body and shape to wear big breasts to avoid excessive or loose underwear.Be careful not to adjust the shoulder strap too tightly or too loose to ensure the support of the underwear.

in conclusion

Understanding the concept of the big breasts and the corresponding measurement methods, buying the big breasts that suits you are undoubtedly an important step to enhance personal charm and self -confidence.When choosing sexy underwear, remember to consider color, material, style and support to ensure comfort and aesthetic effect.

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