Technology sexy underwear


For many people, sexy underwear is a highly personal item, and technology sexy underwear has raised this privacy to a new height.These underwear contains advanced technology, bringing an enhanced experience to sex.Below, we will explore in -depth technology sexy underwear and various types and ways of use.

1. Remote control

Remote control sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that can bring out. Users can control the vibration of underwear through applications or controllers.Many remote control erotic underwear can be connected to smartphone applications so that you can manipulate underwear through your mobile phone.These sexy lingerie usually uses Bluetooth technology to connect to smart devices.

2. Muscle induction

Another type of technology sexy underwear is underwear using muscle induction technology.These underwear can judge when the user’s muscle movement is detected to start the vibrator.For example, these underwear can change the speed and strength of the vibrator according to the contraction of the muscle.Many people think that this sexy underwear not only increases sexual stimuli, but also helps users exercise muscles.

3. Music trigger

Music trigger sexy underwear is an underwear that uses music induction technology.They can detect music noise through an embedded microphone and adjust the strength and speed of vibration according to the music rhythm.Therefore, users can stimulate the vibration of underwear through music to increase the stimulus during sex.For those who like music, this sexy underwear is a very attractive choice.

4. Temperature control

There are also some technology sexy underwear that can control the temperature of underwear through heating or cooling technology.The heating or cooling module equipped in the underwear can adjust the temperature of the underwear to the temperature range set by the user.This kind of sexy underwear can bring unique, warm and cold feeling to users, and the vibration of the vibrator can bring a new experience.

5. Virtual reality

In recent years, the advancement of virtual reality technology has brought more innovative experiences to sexy underwear users.With the sexual technology of virtual reality technology, you can create a completely customized virtual scene. Users can enjoy an immersive sex experience without leaving the house.This kind of sexy underwear has a wide range of applications.

6. Multi -function

Many science and technology sexy underwear itself is multifunctional.For example, some underwear has fun and massage functions at the same time, so that users can enjoy full -body massage when enjoying fun.Such underwear can bring more enjoyment and relaxation to users.

7. Vibration feedback

Compared with other technology sexy underwear, this type of sexy underwear pays more attention to feedback.Vibration feedback sexy underwear will better understand the user’s needs, feel the hot desire and respond with the maximum vibration.This kind of sexy underwear has high precision, which can enjoy the users as much as possible according to different stimulus strength and shape.

8. Personalized settings

In the end, it is worth mentioning that many scientific and technological sexy underwear can be set personalized according to the user’s preference.These underwear can store users’ configuration files for better use in the future.On the one hand, it brings convenience to users, and on the other hand, it also protects the privacy of users.

in conclusion

Technology sexy underwear brings better and more advanced sex experience.Whether in personal life or between partners, they will become a very popular product.Although some of these underwear are still in the experimental stage, for more and more consumers, they have become an indispensable part of the sex experience.

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