Taobao will not let buy sexy underwear anymore

1 Overview

Recently, some Taobao shoppers have reported that they cannot buy sexy underwear on Taobao.This phenomenon has attracted widespread attention.However, Taobao’s approach is also for a reason.Further understanding can explain the cause of this situation.

2. Taobao regulations

Taobao adheres to certain rules and standards, such as prohibiting illegal items such as pornography, gambling and anesthesia drugs.Sex underwear may be regarded as one of these items due to sexual suggestions.Therefore, Taobao is prohibited from displaying sexy underwear for users under 18 years of age according to their own rules.This age limit may be more than a dozen years higher than some websites.

3. Policy adjustment

Recently, the relevant departments have adjusted the policies of sexy products to spread the concept of promotional education.Major e -commerce platforms are also actively responding to this policy and regulate the sales of sexy underwear.

4. Need national approval

Sex underwear adopts different regulatory systems in each country and region.In China, only by the approval of relevant departments can we sell it legally on the e -commerce platform.

5. There are regular channels

Although sexy underwear is banned on Taobao, there are still other formal channels.Some sex underwear brands sold in shopping malls and physical stores have government -approved sales licenses, and they can be purchased with confidence.

6. You can contact the brand directly

When Taobao cannot buy sexy underwear, you can buy it through the official website of the brand or in -depth cooperative sales channels.In this way, shoppers usually get better value and better shopping experience.

7. The network is not a panacea

For merchants, e -commerce platforms are not the only channel.Although Taobao is one of the largest e -commerce platforms, it is not the only channel.Merchants can seek resources for other channels and find new business opportunities.

8. Sex underwear market space

The sexy underwear market is a very promising market.Although it cannot be sold on the Taobao platform, it has a broad market space on other platforms and sales channels.Especially among young people, sexy underwear is very popular, which also provides space for future growth.

9. Summary

Although it is unable to buy sexy underwear on Taobao, we can still buy these products through other formal channels.Through the official brand channels, physical stores, and other e -commerce platforms, you can still buy sexy and practical sexy underwear with strong appearance.At the same time, by establishing a regular sales model and channels, it can bring revolutionary changes to this market space.

10. Viewpoint

The reason why Taobao is banned from selling sexy underwear is because of its sexual suggestion.However, sexy underwear is indeed a very promising market.Expanding the channels for selling sexy underwear products from Taobao to other legal markets will help the legalization and formalization of its market.Furthermore, it may lead to a lot of new, high -quality, creative products that have produced this market, bringing a better experience to consumers.

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