Taobao sex underwear should not use real people


When we browse sexy underwear products on Taobao, we often find that the display pictures of these products are taken with live models.However, the use of live model shows that sexy underwear is defective in many aspects. In this article, we will show that Taobao’s sexy underwear should not use real models.

Real models are not suitable for each body

Everyone’s body is different. It is difficult to apply sexy underwear to everyone with a live model.If you encounter this situation when you buy, real -life models show that the same sexy underwear will leave a lot of doubts for consumers from different angles, which will affect consumers’ purchase decisions.

The body of a live model is not real

When using a live model shows sex underwear, many manufacturers choose super models, and their figure far exceeds the figure of the real consumer group.In this way, it is difficult for consumers to imagine how the effect of wearing this sexy underwear under the real situation.

Real models do not meet the actual situation

In life, we rarely see that people wear underwear in non -private places.When using a live model shows sex underwear, its situation and scene cannot truly reflect the use of fun underwear in real life.This is also easy to mislead consumers’ desire to buy.

High cost of real model shooting

The cost of shooting pictures with live models is relatively high, because professional models are required during the shooting process, photographers, shooting venues, equipment and post -production.All these costs increase the commercial costs of manufacturers and retailers.

Use models to risk manufacturers

In the production process of sexy underwear, if some situations cause poor product quality, the photos generated by using real -life models showed that the photos produced by sexy underwear are copyright.If these photos are used, it will bring losses or even legal risks to product manufacturers.

The fun underwear that is in line with human engineering models is not as good as a real model

The use of human engineering model exhibitions to show erotic underwear can help consumers see product tailoring and appropriateness.Therefore, many sexy underwear manufacturers have begun to use human engineering models to show their products.In contrast, the cost of using this model is lower, and the results are more in line with the needs of most e -commerce consumers.

Use special effects to display the product effect more realistic

Compared with the real -life models showing sex underwear, the effect of displaying products with special effects will be more meaningful.For example, special effects can be used to demonstrate the effect of underwear in different body shapes, colors and forms.This can show the effect of the product more authentic and accurate.

Use splicing technology to show erotic underwear more effective

A more common choice is to show the effect of sexy underwear with splicing technology.Due to scene needs, many stitching pictures will bred some tiny defects, but this does not prevent them from becoming a more accurate display method.Using this method can better present the effect of sexy underwear while reducing costs.

in conclusion

In general, there will be many defects using live -action models to show erotic underwear.In fact, there are many other excellent display methods that can be used to show sexy underwear, such as human engineering models, special effects, and even splicing technologies.By using these methods, sexy underwear manufacturers and sellers can better present the charm of the product itself and save costs.

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