Taobao sex underwear placed category

Taobao sex underwear placed category


Taobao, one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, has many shops from all walks of life.Among them, there are countless sexy underwear shops. However, due to the large number of sexy underwear categories, Taobao’s sexy lingerie category is particularly important.This article will start from various perspectives to introduce the relevant knowledge of Taobao’s sexy underwear.

Frequent sexy underwear types

There are many types of sexy underwear. Let’s introduce several more common sexy underwear:

Lace erotic underwear: It is generally made of lace material, with a soft and romantic atmosphere.

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Ultra -thin sex underwear: made of extremely thin material, which can highlight the body curve and enhance sexy charm.

Students’ dressing underwear: Imitate the design of daily school uniforms and cooperate with sexy underwear elements to make women add a charming atmosphere.

SM sex underwear: Generally made of leather material, combined with SM’s unique charm element, which is full of sexy and fearful.

The purpose of Taobao sex underwear releases

The types of Taobao sex underwear are different, and they will have different impacts on merchants and consumers:

Advantages: Reasonable setting can help merchants to attract more traffic and increase store exposure.

Disadvantages: The classification is not detailed enough, which can easily lead to the repeated appearance of products between multiple categories, affecting customers’ purchase decisions.

Taobao sex lingerie release purpose adjustment method

In order to avoid the emergence of the above problems, merchants can adjust the topic of Taobao sex underwear in the following ways:

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Classified settings on the homepage of the store.

Install a classification search plug -in and edit the classification of keywords to facilitate customers to choose quickly.

Commission with the same industry stores and adjust the category targeted to achieve better results.

Taobao sex lingerie store operation operation strategy

How should Taobao sex underwear shop operate to improve the exposure and sales of the store?Here are some strategic suggestions:

Create a brand: Create a brand for your own stores and products, let buyers feel good for specific brands, and leave a deep impression on the store.

Guarantee product quality: ensure the quality of commodities, cooperate with preferential promotions, and increase the willingness to buy customers.

Provide high -quality after -sales service: For returns and exchanges, it should be dealt with in time to enhance customer confidence.

The importance of Taobao sex lingerie shop

Taobao sex underwear shops are very important. They are the main force of sex underwear sales.Let ’s take a look at the importance of Taobao’ s sexy underwear stores: aspects:

Provide customers with better services and meet the needs of customers.

Provide a better platform for sex lingerie stocks.

Establish standards for the entire industry and lead the market.

The standardization of Taobao sex lingerie shop

In order to better regulate Taobao sex underwear shops and protect customer rights, Taobao promotes the standardization of sexy underwear shops in a targeted manner.Specifies include the following aspects:

It is stipulated that the store operation cycle is 1 year.

Store brands or store names must be inconsistent with the product.

The store is affiliated with Taobao’s localization and international stations, which complies with relevant laws and regulations of various countries and regions.

The development trend of Taobao sex underwear

In the future, what will happen to the development trend of Taobao sex underwear?Here are some predictions:

From simple sales to sales and additional services.

The promotion form is no longer single, and more diversified activities are added.

Consumers pay more attention to the quality and brand image of goods.


In short, Taobao’s contact with Funwear Store has great potential in promoting and sales.Of course, it is necessary to do better services, better publicity, and better product quality.If you can do it above, I believe that the development prospects of Taobao’s sexy underwear shop will be better and better.