Taobao sex underwear picture code

What is Taobao sex underwear picture?

Taobao sex underwear has become the first choice for many women when shopping. There are various styles, materials and styles of sexy underwear, which is cheaper than physical stores.However, sometimes the pictures of sexy underwear will have some codes, which blur the naked part, which makes many shoppers unhappy, and this vague code can be removed through some methods.This is the so -called Taobao sex underwear picture.

Common erotic underwear pictures de -code method

1. Use software to process: Through some de -code software, the code in the picture can be processed, but it may affect the quality of the picture, so it is not necessarily suitable for all shoppers.

2. Use browser plug -in: By installing the browser plug -in, you can implement the de -code function, but you need to have a certain technical level.Copy the picture link. Search in Baidu or Google that can visualize this link, and then paste the link to complete the code.

3. Contact the merchant directly: Some merchants will provide de -code services to consult the merchant directly whether to provide this service and how to operate.But this situation is not very common.

Pay attention

1. Choose a reliable merchant: When buying a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the credibility of the merchant. Choose a reputable merchant not only to avoid buying fake goods, but also reduce some trouble.

2. Compared with multiple merchants: If you want to buy a sexy underwear, you can compare the products and prices of multiple merchants before choosing, so that you can buy more cost -effective products.

3. Pay attention to protecting personal privacy: Buying sexy underwear is a relatively private thing. Pay attention to protecting personal privacy and choosing safe payment methods and trading platforms.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

1. Select according to personal body type: Different people have different body shape characteristics, so you need to choose the style that suits you according to your body when choosing a sexy underwear.

2. Select according to the occasion: Interest underwear can be used for different occasions, such as party, night, marriage, etc., so you need to choose the type and style of sexy underwear according to the occasion.

3. Pay attention to comfort: The material and quality of sexy underwear are the key factor that affects comfort. Therefore, you need to pay attention to choosing products with better comfort when buying.

How to clean and maintain sex underwear?

1. Pay attention to the washing method: The sexy underwear is generally thin, so it is necessary to use cold or warm water for washing. At the same time, a special cleaning agent needs to be used.

2. Avoid exposure: The color and material of sexy underwear are vulnerable to sunlight and long -term exposure, so you should avoid exposure.

3. Keep dry: After cleaning, the sexy underwear should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to keep the clothes dry and hygienic.

in conclusion

Taobao sex underwear is a relatively special product. You need to pay attention to some details when buying, such as merchant credibility, product price, personal body shape, occasion and cleaning maintenance.Only by choosing a product that suits you can you meet personal needs and use it more comfortable and assured.

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