Taobao sex underwear cannot be put on the shelves


Taobao, as one of China’s largest e -commerce platforms, has been in controversial sales of sexy underwear.Although Taobao has issued many regulations to restrict the sales of sex products, there are still some sexy underwear that cannot be put on the shelves, and many merchants have been affected.

Policy restriction

The reason why Taobao sex underwear cannot be released is because of policy restrictions.According to Taobao, because sex products involve factors such as social ethics and weathering, Taobao has strictly restricted the sales of sexy underwear.Especially for young users, Taobao has taken a series of measures to protect them from infringement of bad information.

skills requirement

On the basis of policy restrictions, Taobao sex underwear must also meet technical requirements.Taobao has strictly reviewed the pictures, title, descriptions and other information before the fun underwear to ensure that they will not have adverse effects on users.At the same time, the style, color, size, etc. of sex underwear also need to meet the requirements to ensure that the sexy underwear on the shelf meet market demand.

Differences in different countries/regions

It is worth mentioning that there are differences between Taobao’s erotic underwear that cannot be put on the shelves in different countries or regions.In some European and American countries and regions, sexy underwear is a legal cultural phenomenon, and there is no restriction on the sales of related products.But in China, there are still certain morality and cultural disputes in the sales of sexy underwear, so Taobao’s restrictions on it are also stricter.

Industry Status

Although Taobao sex underwear cannot be put on the shelves, the sex lingerie industry has maintained rapid growth in recent years.Some large -scale sexy underwear brands have realized the high -end and professional development of the brand through their official website or offline physical store sales.At the same time, on some social platforms, the sales of sexy underwear have also developed very well.

Merchants use vulnerabilities

Although Taobao sex underwear cannot be put on the shelves, some merchants still use vulnerabilities to sell such products in other forms.For example, some merchants change the product information of sexy underwear to other products that have nothing to do with sex, or have nothing to do with the product packaging with sex, so as to bypass Taobao’s restrictions.Although this situation exists, there are certain risks and hidden dangers, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

Regulatory strengthening

In order to combat merchants’ use of loopholes, Taobao strengthened the supervision of sexy underwear.In addition to strictly reviewing the products on the shelves, Taobao has also strengthened the punishment of illegal stores.Some serious illegal merchants were removed from Taobao, and even were punished by administrative penalties and criminal punishments.

market expectation

With the opening up of society and the gradual deepening of people’s free thoughts, the cultural phenomenon of sexy underwear will be more and more valued and accepted by people.Although Taobao sex underwear cannot be put on the shelves, the industry still has a broad market prospect.In the future, the sexy underwear industry will be more professional, branded, and products will be more diverse to meet the needs of different groups.

in conclusion

Although Taobao sex underwear cannot be put on the shelves, this does not affect the healthy development of the sexy underwear industry.The future development of the industry will depend on factors such as brand improvement and product innovation.At the same time, policies and regulatory measures are also indispensable.Only under the premise of compliance, professionalism, and norms can the sexy underwear industry usher in a better future.

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