Taobao sex lingerie shop with a buyer show

1. Introduce Taobao Intellectual Underwear Shop Bring Buyer Show

On Taobao, many sellers will put on the buyer show on the product detail page. They are photos of the buyers’ selfies.There are many benefits to selling fun underwear for such photos. Buyers can see real effects, and they can also have a general reference for problems such as size.Sellers can also get more traffic and praise through these photos, bringing additional sales.

2. The photo shows the real effect of sexy underwear

The visible effect is the most intuitive, and the sexy clothing, size and other issues such as sexy underwear are even more critical.If the buyer can only see the pictures provided by the seller, it is difficult to determine whether the effect after wearing is satisfactory, and he will worry about buying unsuitable size or unsightly styles.Such photos make it easier for buyers to make decisions and avoid the embarrassment or dissatisfaction of the appropriate size.

3. Photos can bring inspiration to buyers

In addition to the display of real effects, photos can also bring inspiration to buyers, allowing them to see different wear styles and methods.In addition, there are thousands of erotic lingerie brands and styles on Taobao. Seeing other people’s wear photos, they can also find their favorite style and brand, which has promoted more sales.

4. Photos make buyers more assured

Shopping on Taobao, various refund and exchange policies are necessary.But for sexy underwear, it is difficult to enjoy the rights and interests of returns and exchanges.And by seeing the effects of other buyers’ selfies, buyers can also be more assured.They think that buyers who do this should be relatively satisfactory, so they may be more satisfied after they buy it.

5. The seller will get additional traffic and praise

Let the buyer take a photo of sexy lingerie and wearing photos, you can get additional traffic.These photos will be seen by more and more people, increasing the popularity of sellers on Taobao platforms.Moreover, these photos can also be a reference for other buyers. If the sexy underwear you buy is satisfactory, you will have more praise.

6. Buyer show is also a social way

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao is sometimes a social method.Buyers can leave a message in the photo, communicate and interact with other buyers, and share some interesting topics.Such an environment allows buyers to be more willing to shop on this platform, forming a closer and friendly relationship with the seller.

7. Pay attention to questions

When showing the buyer’s show, you need to pay attention to protecting the privacy of the buyer.The seller needs to inform the buyer that their photos will be used to show the effect of the product. If they do not agree, they need to inform them in time.At the same time, when publishing a buyer’s show, you need to do a good job of review and review excellent quality photos to ensure that the displayed product effect is good.

8. Summary

Taobao sex underwear store with a buyer show, allowing buyers to see the effect of the product more realistic, can get the real evaluation and feedback from other buyers, and also increase the popularity and praise rate of the seller on the platform.The only thing to pay attention to is to protect the privacy of buyers. The display of photos needs to be reviewed, and the quality of the photos displayed.

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