Summer erotic underwear is not found

Summer erotic underwear is not found

Essential in summer: sexy lingerie with good breathability

Summer is an important season for sexy underwear.But you may not want to be found to wear sexy underwear.So how do we choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for summer and not discovered?Here are some of the underwear we recommend for you, and there are some suggestions for wearing.

1. Lightly material sexy underwear

First of all, you need to choose a thin and light material sexy underwear.Because summer is hot, choosing light and soft cotton or silk underwear can make the skin better breathe.At the same time, these materials are more suitable for wearing in hot summer.

2. Black -based sexy underwear

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Black is the representative of sexy feelings and one of the most noticed colors.Choosing black sex underwear can greatly reduce the chance of being discovered.At the same time, black sexy underwear is also easier to match with other clothing, such as black vests or suspenders.

3. Pure cotton underwear

If you plan to spend the whole summer outdoors, we recommend that you choose cotton underwear.Cotton underwear is comfortable and breathable, and it is easy to clean.They can also absorb sweat and reduce the discomfort of the body at high temperature.

4. No trace underwear

Many women want to be discovered when wearing sexy underwear.At this time, no trace underwear became the key.Warong underwear usually uses some special sewing techniques and materials to enable it to fit the skin and reduce the chance of leaving traces in appearance.

5. Lace erotic underwear

If you want to wear breathable and comfortable sexy underwear and hope to take care of sexy feelings, you can choose lace sexy underwear.Lace fabrics can make the skin fully breathe, and it is very suitable for summer wear, and it is easier to match other clothing.

6, shoulder -free sexy underwear

If you want to wear an off -the -shoulder dress, you can try the erotic underwear without straps.The spoilless lingerie can allow you to wear off -the -shoulders without wearing underwear and show sexy shoulder lines.At the same time, there is no problem with the shoulder strap underwear, which is more comfortable and free.

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7. Stockings

Summer is also a season for wearing stockings. You can choose silk socks to add sexy feelings.Stockings can not only increase beauty, but also help sun protection and reduce damage to the skin.

8. Sexy underwear for body adaptation

The last suggestion is to choose a sexy underwear that adapts to figure.If the erotic underwear is too tight or loose, it will affect the comfort and sexuality of wearing.Therefore, we recommend that you try to penetrate when choosing a sexy underwear to ensure that you are suitable for your body.

Therefore, choose a sexy underwear with good breathability, choose the black -free underwear as much as possible, and the thin material, so that you can feel the feeling of sexy and comfortable in the summer.