Steel Too erotic underwear

Steel Too erotic underwear

Steel Too erotic underwear

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern people’s lives. It not only enhances self -confidence, makes people feel more sexy, but also adds fun to love life.And the sexy underwear with steel beads is a very distinctive sexy underwear. It not only plays a role in beautifying the figure, but also makes women more confident and provided more perfect support.The following will introduce you to the related knowledge of the sexy underwear of Steel Too.

What is a steel tray?

Before talking about the sexy underwear of the steel bead, you first need to know what the steel tray is.Steel tray refers to a steel plate added inside the underwear cup and the internal hem. At the edge of the cup and hem, the steel plate is arched from both sides to form a relatively natural internal support structure, making the underwear more fit the body curve, and and and and and.Provide additional support for breasts and hems.

The characteristics of the sexy underwear with steel bead

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Compared with traditional underwear, the sexy underwear of steel bead not only focuses on comfort and warmth, but more importantly, pursuing fashion and sexy.They are usually designed as different styles from traditional underwear. Steel bone brackets are added at the edge of the cup and hem to provide better support effects and more perfectly modify the body curve.At the same time, their materials are often softer and more comfortable, and they do not have too much compression and friction on the skin.

The benefits of sexy underwear with steel bead

1. Provide additional support: sexy underwear with steel bead can better hold up female breasts, avoid breast relaxation, and increase the impact of gravity.At the same time, it also provides better support for the hem structure.

2. Shape the perfect body: The sexy lingerie cup type with a steel traw is more perfect and can better shape the breasts into a perfect curve.At the same time, the steel bone support can also strengthen the support of the waist and back and make the figure more perfect.

3. Enhanced self -confidence: It is a good source of self -confidence for women.After wearing this underwear, they will feel more confident and sexy, which often makes them more confident in daily life. This is very important.

Make your sexy underwear more lasting

1. Hand washing is the key: For the sexy underwear with a steel tod, it is recommended that you wash it instead of using a washing machine.Because machine washing may deform steel brackets and affect the performance of underwear.

2. Use neutral detergent: Select neutral or dedicated to underwear to avoid excessive alkaline components that affect the material of the underwear.

3. Naturally drying: When drying in erotic underwear, it is recommended to place it in a ventilated and cool place to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, or too dry environment, which helps maintain the original shape of the underwear.

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How to choose the one that suits you with steel entrust underwear

1. Make sure that the right size: Size is very important for any sex underwear, including sexy underwear with a steel tray.Therefore, be sure to try it on when buying, choose the right size.

2. Pay attention to material quality: No matter what type of sexy underwear, the quality of the material is very important.Choose a high -quality and soft texture to ensure that the body will not be damaged and comfortable to wear.

3. Choose a style that suits you: each woman has a different personality and body. You need to consider your own needs and taste to choose the style that suits you.Whether it is solid color style, pattern style, or suit style, there are choices.

How to take care of the steel -entrusted underwear

1. Regularly replaced underwear: Whether there is a sexy underwear or ordinary underwear, it needs to be replaced regularly.After wearing it for 6 to 9 months, the underwear gradually lost elasticity and no longer provided enough support, so it needs to be replaced.

2. Avoid washing with rough clothing: It is more cautious when cleaning the sexy underwear with steel beads. It is recommended to avoid washing with rough clothing, otherwise it may cause the steel tray to damage.

3. Separate underwear: You need to pay attention not only when washing underwear, but also need to be careful when you store underwear.Underwear should be stored separately to avoid rubbing each other.


The sexy underwear with steel bead can provide better support, making women more confident and comfortable when wearing. At the same time, their materials are softer and more comfortable.Choosing a suitable steel -entrusted underwear, you need to pay attention to the material, style and size, and at the same time you need to be more cautious during daily care.