Star sex lingerie map

Star sex lingerie map

1. Star’s sexy underwear style

With the progress of the times, sexy underwear has become more and more popular. Not only ordinary women, many stars also wear different styles of sexy underwear.The style of these sexy underwear is also different, some are sexy and charming, some are cute and playful, and some are rigid and soft.

2. Sexy Charm Star Sexy Lingerie

Sexy and charming star erotic underwear is the most common. These underwear styles are mostly tight, making the actress’s figure more prominent. For example, Kate Mosmore, Angelina Jolie, etc. are all lovers in this kind of sexy underwear.

3. Cute and playful star sexy underwear

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The cute and playful sexy underwear mainly includes an exaggerated bow and cute cartoon printing element, which makes the actress look more playful and cute. For example, Ryan Renaitz and Taylor Swift all like such erotic underwear.

4. Rigid and soft star sexy underwear

The rigidity and tenderness of sexy underwear are mostly mixed -match styles. Among them, there are both sexy charm and cute and playful elements, which construct a pleasant beauty. Actress Madonna is the fans of this kind of sexy underwear.

5. Star erotic underwear wearing skills

The erotic underwear wearing the stars is different from the usual daily clothes, and the wearing skills must be slightly changed.For models shuttle in the runway, they often organize sexy underwear and clothing outside, or with small things such as scarves and belts to make the whole dress better and tasteful.

6. Star erotic underwear matching essentials

For a sexy underwear, in addition to the internal shape design, it is also important to match the clothing.How to match sex underwear in harmony and beauty requires some wearing skills.Generally speaking, dark sexy lingerie with light -colored shirts, white sex underwear with black or dark outer clothing.

7. The relationship between stars’ sexy underwear and figure

The first premise of wearing a sexy underwear is to have a good figure, otherwise it is difficult to reflect the beauty of the underwear even if it is put on.Women with good figures, young and sports underwear are more suitable for them, while women with plump figures can choose some loose and comfortable underwear, which are inseparable from the models and styles of underwear.


8. Star sex lingerie brand choice

When celebrities choose sexy underwear, brands are also an important choice factor.The brand represents high -end and elegance, and big -name sexy underwear brands naturally become the choice of celebrities. Dita Von Teese as an example, this star has launched its own brand, making many women fall in love with sexy underwear.

9. Falling underwear maintenance skills

Sex underwear will be exposed to the skin, so it needs to be kept clean.When washing, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent. Wash with warm water. It is not recommended to wash it. After washing, dry it. Do not put it in the sun to expose it.

10. Summary view

Interest underwear is not only a fashion, but also a life attitude.For each woman, an excellent sexy underwear is essential. It can show the beautiful lines of women or compress the form.Whether it is a star or an ordinary woman, everyone can find a sexy underwear that suits them.